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Youth Football In Killeen, TX

Youth Football In Killeen, TX

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  • The release discusses youth football leagues organized by Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas. It further enlists eligibility criteria for these leagues.
  • Boys And Girls Club of Central Texas

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas organizes youth football leagues for kids aged 7 to 12 years. The club offers three different leagues based on the age of the participants. The football instructors at the club are well qualified and trained to provide kids with an environment where they can enjoy as well as get better at the game. They aim at inculcating team spirit, developing leadership qualities and improving self-confidence in the kids.

Youth Football Leagues Organized By Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas:

NCAA League: 7-8 years old boys who weigh 60-100 lbs. can participate in this football league. It is also open for boys aged 9 years weighing 60-74 lbs.

AFC League: Boys in the age group of 9, 10 and 11 years, who weigh 75-120 lbs., 70-110 lbs. and 75-89 lbs. respectively can enroll in AFC league.

NFC League: This league is organized for the boys aged 11-12 years, weighing 90-140 lbs.

Benefits of enrolling your kids in the football program at Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas:

Improve Physical Health: Football demands a high level of physical involvement from a player. Jumping, running, passing etc. can fulfil the amount of physical movement required to stay fit and healthy.

Teamwork: In order to win, all the members of a team need to work together. This teaches them the importance of teamwork.

Develop Strong Friendship: Kids get a chance to socialize, share their views and develop strong bonds with their peers when part of a football team.

For more information about the youth football league organized by Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas, call at (254) 699 – 5808 or visit the club at 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX -76541. You can also log on to their website for further information.

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