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Welcoming a New Leader for Intel’s IoT Business and Elevating Our Automated Driving Efforts

Welcoming a New Leader for Intel’s IoT Business and Elevating Our Automated Driving Efforts

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  • As the Internet of Things Revolution Expands, Intel Adds Experienced Leaders and Builds New Organizations
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By Murthy Renduchintala

There’s a sea change in technology happening all around us, defining what it means to live in a smart and connected world. We know it as the Internet of “Things” (IoT) – a massive surge of more than 50 billion devices expected to come online over the next few years.

IoT is nothing short of a revolution,  requiring a new generation of technology and 5G connectivity that can serve a far broader set and multitude of devices, process volumes of data, and satisfy our ever-growing human need for connectedness.

Just as industry and the experiences it creates are evolving, so are we here at Intel. In the face of this revolution, we are adding experienced leaders and building new organizations.

Tom Lantzsch

Tom Lantzsch

Specifically, I’m thrilled to share that we’ve asked Tom Lantzsch to join Intel’s executive leadership team as our new senior vice president and general manager of the IoT Group.

Tom comes to Intel with more than 30 years of experience in Fortune 500 and early-stage startup companies. Most recently, he was the executive vice president of strategy at ARM, where he spent the last 10 years of his career.

Here’s what we want you to know about Tom: He brings deep strategic and operational acumen, and he’s grown businesses and fueled innovation. He’ll be an accelerant leader for Intel and our industry – leading with a pure passion for how smart and connected devices will enrich our daily lives. Tom will join the team formally in January.

While we’re mentioning accelerants and passion, I’ll also highlight an exciting change to how we run our automated driving business. We created a new organization called the Automated Driving Group (ADG), which will be solely dedicated to innovating the future of driving and designing the next generation of advanced driver assist systems and autonomous driving solutions.

Doug Davis

Doug Davis

Intel’s ADG builds upon Brian Krzanich’s vision for the future of automated cars – a vision he recently shared at the Los Angeles Automobility Show. We’ve appointed a phenomenal leader to lead this new organization: Doug Davis.

You’ve seen Doug’s leadership in action for more than 30 years at Intel. Throughout his career, Doug has consistently been on the leading side of disruption – standing up amazing new technologies that redefine how we experience work and life. Doug sees the new Automated Driving Group as another not-to-be missed opportunity to lead through disruption, so much so that he has postponed his retirement to become the senior vice president and general manager of ADG.

Kathy Winter

Kathy Winter

Kathy Winter will assist Doug as vice president and general manager of the Automated Solutions Division (ASD) to deliver automated driving solutions. Prior to joining Intel this year, Kathy was vice president of software and services for automated driving at Delphi. In 2015, she was recognized for achieving the first cross-country drive by an autonomous vehicle. That same year, she was named to the Automotive News list of “100 Leading Women in the North American Auto Industry.”

With Tom and Doug at the helm of Intel’s IoT and automated driving efforts, I’m more confident than ever that Intel will uniquely lead the revolution that will create our future smart and connected world.

Murthy Renduchintala is president of the Client and Internet of Things (IoT) Businesses and Systems Architecture Group at Intel Corporation. 

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