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Volkswagen approves Continental tires for Golf 7, CC, and Beetle Models

Volkswagen approves Continental tires for Golf 7, CC, and Beetle Models

  • Germany
  • Volkswagen has approved three premium summer tire models from Continental to be fitted at the factory. The Golf 7 will be fitted with the 15- and 16-inch ContiEcoContact 5 and ContiPremiumContact 5, the CC will be fitted with the 17-inch ContiSportContact 5 and ContiEcoContact 5, and the Beetle will also be fitted with the 20-inch ContiSportContact 5 tire in the future.
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  • Continental AG
  • http://www.continental-corporation.com
  • hannes.boekhoff@conti.de
  • http://www.continental-tires.com/www/tires_de_en/themes/news/meldungen/pr_2014_01_27_vw_en.html
  •  Premium summer tires ContiSportContact 5, ContiPremiumContact 5, and ContiEcoContact 5 are fitted at the factory
  • Tire models have shorter braking distances, precise handling, and low rolling resistance

Depending on the design, the tires are developed for low fuel consumption, comfortable driving, or sporty handling. Volkswagen therefore had the opportunity to choose one of the possible tire alternatives according to the design of the vehicle model. For the CC, Volkswagen is consistently opting for tires with the ContiSeal technology, which seals minor damage to the tire by itself, thereby enabling uninterrupted driving.

“Volkswagen chose our tires because we satisfy the Wolfsburg-based company’s high expectations and performance specification with our premium products,” explains Jörg Göner, Manager Automotive Engineering for Continental’s Volkswagen group. “In addition, we have the ContiEcoContact 5 in our range – a tire with very low rolling resistance and very good driving properties even on wet roads – for example for the Golf 7 Blue Motion. By the same token, with the ContiSportContact 5, we can offer a handling-based tire that brings the agile properties of the Beetle safely onto the asphalt.”

Continental manufactures the tires for Volkswagen in the European tire plants – including in the Hessian city of Korbach – and the ContiSportContact 5 for the Beetle in the American tire plant in Mount Vernon.

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