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UvA alumna bequeaths four million euros to Amsterdam University Fund

UvA alumna bequeaths four million euros to Amsterdam University Fund

  • Netherlands
  • The Amsterdam University Fund Foundation has received a bequest of approximately four million euros from an alumna of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The money will furnish the means for hundreds of travel grants and scholarships and provide an impetus for additional teaching and research initiatives at the UvA.
  • University of Amsterdam

The bequest left by Mrs Trudie Vervoort-Jaarsma (1929–2015) will be placed in two dedicated funds to be established by the Amsterdam University Fund. With a combined value of around four million euros, this gift is in all likelihood the largest ever bequeathed by a private individual to a Dutch university.

Trudie Vervoort-Jaarsma was a psychology student at the UvA in the 1960s. Her parents were high-profile jurists in Surabaya in the former Dutch East Indies. The two funds to be established from her bequest will commemorate her mother, a successful lawyer who amassed a substantial share of the family’s wealth, and her own daughter, who also studied psychology at the UvA and died at a young age.

‘We are incredibly grateful’, Michaëla Ulrici, chair of the Amsterdam University Fund Foundation responded to the news. ‘This money will enable us to realise wonderful initiatives. The funds will go to support travel grants, scholarships and fellowships and scholarly research, particularly at the Faculty of Law. This means that many more students will be able to go abroad in the years ahead to enrich their academic training. Being very conscious of the difference that a university education can make, Mrs Vervoort-Jaarsma expressly wished this money to create opportunities for new generations of students and scholars.’

About the Amsterdam University Fund

The generous bequest left by Trudie Vervoort-Jaarsma fits in with a deeply rooted tradition at the University of Amsterdam. Private donations and bequests have helped to shape the University from its very foundation as the Athenaeum Illustre in 1632. The Amsterdam University Fund is an independent supporting foundation that raises and manages funds for the University of Amsterdam. Altogether, it administers around seventy subfunds having a total value of almost 17 million euros, approximately one third of which was donated in the form of bequests.

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