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US Emissions Goal for 2050 Remains More than Attainable

US Emissions Goal for 2050 Remains More than Attainable

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  • The United States presented the goal to reduce 80% of its greenhouse gas emissions based on 2005 levels by 2050.
  • Greenpeace

This new objective presents a slightly less ambitious milestone than the one recorded in the 2009 Copenhagen accord.

In response, Greenpeace USA Senior Legislative Representative Kyle Ash said:

“Although the new objective is slightly less ambitious than six years ago, the new analysis provided by the Obama administration helps explain how the U.S. can go further on emissions reduction — whether or not national policy is regressive in the next administration. It shows much of the actions and policies will happen at a state level in the U.S., and the country can still move forward as a whole to achieve the goals of Paris. Local administrations can achieve reliance on renewable energy, creating more jobs and saving unnecessary expense on fuels and fossil fuel infrastructure. It is not just necessary but better for the economy to get closer to zero carbon pollution from electricity production by 2050.

However, it remains a problem that some governments continue to entertain false solutions like carbon capture — regardless of the fuel — which would definitely have huge opportunity costs and exacerbate many other environmental problems. Between now and 2050, renewables will continue to become more economic while popular support for climate action will continue to grow.”

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