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TU Delft joins Amsterdam Center for Forensic Science and Medicine

TU Delft joins Amsterdam Center for Forensic Science and Medicine

  • Netherlands
  • The Amsterdam Center for Forensic Science and Medicine (Co van Ledden Hulsebosch Center), an initiative by the University of Amsterdam, the Academic Medical Center and the Netherlands Forensic Institute, welcomes a new partner. The department of Biomechanical Engineering of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) will join the CLHC, bringing in their expertise on ‘Engineering for Forensics’. Dr Arjo Loeve of TU Delft’s Biomechanical Engineering department, together with other colleagues, has been working with the CLHC for several years. Together they developed, among other things, sampling tools for suspicious packages. He says: ‘We are proud to have become an official partner in the CLHC network. This move will lead to a broadening of our collaboration and enable us to do stronger research projects through a more direct exchange of expertise and facilities.’
  • University of Amsterdam

Broadening forensics research

In several departments of TU Delft, researchers contribute to police investigations or other forensic research such as the use of stream data to localise human remains or the application of augmented reality at crime scenes, but also in the reconstruction of plane crashes. According to Loeve, joining the CLHC will help to broaden the research line ‘Engineering for Forensics’ within TU Delft.

Valuable link in the network

Arian van Asten, UvA professor, director of CLHC and R&D coordinator at NFI sees TU Delft as a valuable link in the network: ‘This partnership is unique and enables us to put scientific forensic research firmly on the map. The various forensic initiatives within TU Delft will add great value to forensic case research, both in the lab and at crime scenes. The combination of scientific quality and practical expertise is characteristic for a technical university such as TU Delft.’

About CLHC

The Co van Ledden Hulsebosch Center gathers knowledge and expertise in the field of forensic and medical research within the Amsterdam region. It instigates collaborations between researchers and field workers and brings relevant scientific insights and methods from the academic world to forensic research issues. Following on two years of successful forensic collaboration in Amsterdam, CLHC aims to become the hub in the Netherlands for forensic scientific research.

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