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Transferring Large Files: It’s Easy, Free and  Fast

Transferring Large Files: It’s Easy, Free and Fast

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  • Transfernow is a free online large file transferring service. Transfernow helps to transfer large files to contacts through emails or by generating a share link.
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It’s a real pain in the neck to transfer files through internet. As most of us are aware, people cannot send large files over the internet beyond a maximum limit. A majority of email hosting servers don’t allow users to send more than 10-15 MBs worth of data through the internet. So, people have to adapt various measures to get past this; they can either split up a huge file into seven parts (by using tools such as ‘7-zip’) or resort to other means such as sharing files through cloud storage, or seeking out file-sharing applications online where files more than one GB could be shared. It is owing to this trend that sites such as TransferNow have sprung up everywhere on the internet, and are doing splendid business. TransferNow, especially, is a hit with netizens because it allows even unregistered users to send large files through mass-emailing. It, in fact, has a clear-cut division between members and guests: Members get to send large files through it; a maximum of 3 GB per transfer; while for unregistered users (guests), the limit is capped to 2 GB.

So, how does the whole thing work? It’s pretty simple really, and would remind you of Cloud Storage. You go to its website and see two big click-spaces before you, called “Send Files to Contacts” and “Generate a Share Link”. On clicking “generate the share link”, you would find a space opening up before you, wherein you put your email address and password in the appropriate spaces and then upload all the documents in the slot just beside. Once you upload the required files (within the given limit), then a link would be generated that would need to be copy-pasted on to the mail and sent to one or more recipients.  The best part about the service is that it’s free (that is, requires absolutely no registration fees) and is available in a total of eight languages and country versions. Not to mention the fact that sending large files through it is absolutely secure as far as the modes of transfer are concerned.

The expiration period of the transfer is 15 days (for guests who are not registered) and 21 days (for registered members). To know more, contact

About Transfernow:
TransferNow is a file-sharing site which is used for the purpose of sending bulky files through e-mail. It is currently available in eight countries.

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