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The Essential Tremor Education Center Spotlights the Introduction of a New Way to Treat Essential Tremor: Neuravive

The Essential Tremor Education Center Spotlights the Introduction of a New Way to Treat Essential Tremor: Neuravive

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  • The new treatment, Neuravive, will offer immediate results to those with essential tremor.
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The Essential Tremor Education Center, dedicated to delivering quality education about treatments for essential tremor, is spotlighting the introduction of Neuravive: a new, FDA-approved treatment option for essential tremor. This minimally-invasive treatment was created by InSightec and is currently the only treatment option available that offers immediate benefit to those suffering from essential tremor.

Unlike several other treatment options, Neuravive does not involve surgery. It uses MR-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) to target and destroy cells in the brain that are associated with the tremor. The beams are applied in short bursts, called sonications, that last roughly 15 seconds each. MRgFUS has previously seen success treating other health conditions such as uterine fibroids, bone metastasis, and prostate cancer.

First, a physician uses low-energy, non-damaging sound waves to map out the treatment and assure its accuracy. Then, medium-energy waves are used to verify the accuracy while beginning to reduce the tremor-without side-effects or tissue damage. Afterward, the energy level is raised again to treat the targeted area. While some patients experience dizziness or mild discomfort during the procedure, they are given a button they can press to stop the treatment if necessary.

This procedure offers different advantages to a patient compared to other treatment options. Neuravive results can be felt immediately-a patient doesn’t need to wait a few months to experience results. This safe procedure offers low complication rates. It is non-surgical, does not use ionizing radiation, and patients experience minimal downtime for recovery. Now, those who suffer from essential tremor have a less stressful treatment option that can deliver immediate benefit.

The Essential Tremor Education Center isn’t the only place excited about the effectiveness of this new technology. The Fibroid Education Center also provides education on treatments using the same MR-guided focused ultrasound technology. Terry Newmyer, the managing director of the Essential Tremor Education Center, stresses the importance of being educated about available treatment options such as Neuravive. Newmyer says, “We encourage those with essential tremor to take their health into their own hands. The Essential Tremor Education Center is excited to bring patients information about all essential tremor treatment options including Neuravive.”

When individual patients are planning their personal treatment for essential tremor, education is critical. The Essential Tremor Education Center expects to see the further development of this new treatment option and offers further education about whether a patient could benefit from Neuravive.

About The Essential Tremor Education Center
Established in 2017, the Essential Tremor Education Center is a social health company that delivers meaningful health information, inspiring stories, and answers to real health questions to individuals with essential tremor. This information helps patients to make educated decisions about their health. The company is owned and operated by Strategies Now, Inc.

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