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Tentation: Your One Stop Destination for Any Occasion

Tentation: Your One Stop Destination for Any Occasion

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  • Top of the range Tentation Stretch tent hire Cape Town, now in Johannesburg, have become the preferred option for stretch tent hire for weddings, corporate events and private functions in the Western Cape and Gauteng.
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If you are searching tents for hire in Cape Town for your wedding or any corporate events, then Tentation is the perfect destination for you. This authentic and reliable company serves you tent to your special occasions or private functions in Western Cape and now covering Johannesburg area as well. They are unique because of their power of imagination. For them passion is the only driving force and creativity is the fuel.

A good news for the residence of Johannesburg, as Tentation is limited not only to Cape Town, it is in Johannesburg area as well. They offer various services to their clients.

Some facts that may interest you in Tentation:

Tents hire service:
Tentation is popular for its stretch tents hire in Cape Town and Johannesburg and marquee hire in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Their stretch tents are radical innovation in the global tents and marquee industry. This is because they offer something more than just cover and versatility. A wide range of colours are available with a natural affinity to lighting. These tents can be erected in almost everywhere and this fact has made them a brilliant tool for birthday parties or other celebrations.

Stretch tents are mainly hired for wedding purposes. This tent is just perfect for them who want a different and spectacular wedding. If you want a formal white wedding set up and add a funky edge to your less traditional wedding, stretch tents will fulfil your wish. They are also used in the film industries.

The tents hired from Tentation are also used as a solution for keeping sites dry and make a shade during renovation activity. This saves down-time considerably.

Tents services and maintenance:
In order to maximise and extend the durability of your beautiful and unique stretch tents, Tentation offers a wide range of services to their clients.

  • They will assist you in digging and re-digging your tents.
  • Their expert staff will help you in cleaning and washing it.
  • Some stretch tents can be repaired and refurbished by the experts of Tentation (subject to manufacturer)
  • They repair and re-install the fixation and attachment points.

The expert advice is always with you when you choose Tentation. They advice you if there is any rigging options and any requirement of changes that can enhance your current setup. To know more about their services and book them, please visit their website at-

About the Company:
This leading tent renting company, based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, always offer you the quality tent renting solution. Now you can hire their Bedouin tents, stretch tents and marquees for your special occasions. Professionalism is something that distinguishes them from the others.

Contact Us:
Unit No: 9, Central Park
Platinum Crescent, Marconi Beam, Milnerton
Cape Town, South Africa

0860 11 8368

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