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Tata Power’s Coastal Gujarat Power organises block-level workshop on participatory groundwater management

Tata Power’s Coastal Gujarat Power organises block-level workshop on participatory groundwater management

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  • Tata Power, India's largest integrated power company, through its 100 percent subsidiary Coastal Gujarat Power (CGPL) has always strived hard to improve the lives of people living in and around its operational areas. In continuation with the commitment, CGPL organised a one-day workshop on participatory groundwater management for Kankavati sandstone. The workshop was conducted at the block level by Tata Power Community Development Trust (TPCDT) in association with Arid Communities and Technologies (ACT), Geo-Science Services (GSS) and an NGO Arogyam. CGPL- TPCDT already has a partnership with ACT and Geo-sciences for participatory ground water management.
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The objective of the workshop was to mobilise more stakeholders along with CGPL to participate in the participatory ground water management (PGWM) in the region. The workshop proved to be a major stepping stone towards water security in the region. The workshop was attended by more than 80 people represented by the dignitaries from CGPL, various departments of the government, NGOs and the corporate sector and people from various communities around the operational area.

Speaking on the occasion, KK Sharma, ED and CEO, CGPL, said, “We, at Tata Power have always believed in the sustainable growth of the society with proper conservation of our natural resources. The workshop on participatory groundwater management for Kankavati sandstone is a major step towards conservation of the ground water and we hope the right message percolates to the all the relevant stakeholders. We are thankful to our partners and implementing agencies for making the workshop a grand success and we will strive hard in our future to improve and impact the lives of our community people in more significant ways.”

The participants were sensitised towards groundwater problem and its management and further scope for partnership for better implementation of the initiative. The views and feedback from the participants were recorded to ensure that the future PGWM programmes would be better organised with a larger knowledge sharing platform. The workshop has also set a benchmark for other blocks in the region to follow on ground water conservation.

The block-level workshop was organised by CGPL- TPCDT with the objective of sharing information on the aquifer regarding its geo-hydrological characteristics. The august gathering was also made aware of the threat related to aquifers and the stakeholders were informed about PGWM activities being carried out in other aquifer region. The workshops also helped in bringing the major stakeholders to a single platform and discuss the issue in detail. The content of the workshop covered all the aspects of the PGWM programme ie PGWM concept, scientific research, strategic planning, water resource development, agriculture intervention, management by community and strong community participation. During the workshop, CGPL- TPCDT showcased its work on participatory ground water management through a video which featured the different activities undertaken by CGPL- TPCDT under PGWM. The audience applauded the efforts of CGPL-TPCDT and expressed gratitude for arranging this type of informative workshop on groundwater issue. CGPL- TPCDT has also elaborated its commitment in continuation with the activities on PGWM which will really give a new direction to water management in the region.

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