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Tata Power promotes organic farming in Jamshedpur to increase farmer income

Tata Power promotes organic farming in Jamshedpur to increase farmer income

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  • Tata Power, India’s largest integrated power company, has been working relentlessly towards improving the standard of living of its communities through various interventions in the fields of education, income generation, agriculture, and many more. In continuation with this commitment, Tata Power’s Jojobera plant, in collaboration with Green View Nursery, has taken progressive steps to promote organic farming and implement drip irrigation in the farming community of Sarjamda village.
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Tata Power’s Jojobera plant has organised farmers of different villages like Sarjamda and Khairboni into farmer’s interest group and is supporting them for collective farming by using the latest agronomic practices. The company has further helped them in forming consolidated landholdings to overcome the constraints caused of small landholdings. The agricultural yield is divided in accordance to the proportion of land held by the individual farmers. The collaboration with Green View Nursery, the organisation with expertise in providing technical knowhow and buyback arrangement, has also helped in implementation of drip irrigation, thereby, minimising the loss of water for irrigation along with increase in the usage of organic manure, which is environment friendly.

In Sarjamda, 11 farmers have been organised into a group and, currently, close to 12 acres of land has been brought under cultivation. The farmers cultivate cauliflower, muskmelon, and water melon, amongst other things. Around 17 tonnes of muskmelon and 14 tonnes of watermelon has been harvested and marketed, yielding revenue close to 2.60 lacs. By July, more than 100 tonnes of watermelon and muskmelon will be harvested.

Speaking on the initiative, VV Namjoshi, chief, Jojobera station, Tata Power, said, “Tata Power has always been committed to improving the quality of life of its communities. The project is another step towards contributing towards the improvement of agricultural practices of the tribal people, thereby, uplifting them economically. Through the project, we aim to engage with the farmers and encourage them to adopt the latest farming methods. Farmers have been organised into groups and their collective spirits are being tapped to promote sustainable methods using drip irrigation and organic manure.”

The benefits of the initiative are substantial, both in terms of agricultural yield and income. Moreover, a consolidation of fragmented landholding and practice of collective farming has helped the farmers to reap in benefits that would help in developing a truly sustainable community. The initiative also promotes the benefits of intercropping and commercial farming with the use of best agricultural practices.

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