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Tata Power encourages its customer relation centres in Mumbai to ‘go green’

Tata Power encourages its customer relation centres in Mumbai to ‘go green’

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  • Tata Power, India's largest integrated power company, has always worked towards preserving, conserving, and utilising natural resources in the most prudent manner. From developing green belts around its facilities, to organising awareness campaigns; Tata Power has played a pioneering role in promoting a healthy environment through green initiatives. In keeping with its commitment to going green in every aspect of its business, Tata Power launched its ‘Green CRC’ programme with an aim to encourage its 22 customer relation centres (CRCs) across Mumbai to adopt green practices.
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The Green CRC campaign devised by Tata Power entailed simple measures that would ensure its CRCs saved electricity, conserved resources like paper, and promoted a green outlook among customers by sensitising them about the benefits of moving towards a paperless society. In a first of its kind programme, Tata Power’s CRCs at Borivali East and Saki Vihar Road were adjudged winners of this competition.

Tata Power’s Borivali east CRC secured the maximum number of e-bills and NACH (National Automated Clearing House-Direct Debit) registrations. While the Saki Vihar CRC reduced its electricity usage by about 38 percent compared to April 2015 by following simple measures like ensuring all main switches for the machines except the centre mains were switched off, when not in use. These included frequently used machines like printers, cashier desktop machines and printers, cheque kiosk, and the queue management system.

Speaking about the Green CRC campaign, Ashok Sethi, COO and ED, Tata Power, said, “Tata Power has always been sensitive to the environment and we strive to inculcate a sense of going green amongst all our stakeholders. We are proud of the fact that our 22 CRCs in Mumbai have embraced the Green CRC campaign. I would also like to congratulate the winning CRCs from Borivali and Saki Vihar on their outstanding commitment to this cause. We hope to see many more winners in the coming months.”

As part of its ongoing efforts to promote a green culture at its CRC facilities; Tata Power encouraged its centres to promote the NACH and e-bill facilities among consumers. It also directed its CRCs to internalise the campaign by saving electricity through simple sensitive measures like switching off laptop chargers as soon as the batteries are fully charged, strictly maintaining the AC temperature at 26 degrees, shutting down the laptops during lunchtime to optimise use of battery and also shutting down printers and most of the lights, thus saving electricity and ensuring the most optimal use of resources at its CRCs across Mumbai.

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