Friday, October 19, 2018
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World Bank issues warnings on interest rates and inflation

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Financial markets are complacent about the risks of sharply higher interest rates that could be triggered by better than expected growth in the global economy this year, the World Bank has warned. The Washington-based organisation said that much of the rich west was running at full capacity as a result of a broad-based upswing in activity, but were now vulnerable to a period of rising inflation that would prompt action from central banks. Launching the Bank’s global economic prospects, the lead author Franziska Ohnsorge said: “There could be fa... Read More »

EIB, World Bank Group, and EBRD exceed financing targets for Central and South Eastern Europe


More than 770 projects supported Substantial impact on Central and South Eastern Europe (CESEE) Institutions present final report on “Joint IFI Action Plan for Growth” The European Investment Bank Group (EIB), the World Bank Group*, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) have met and even exceeded their commitments to make available at least EUR 30 billion in 2013 and 2014 to sustain growth and investment in Central and South Eastern Europe (CESEE)** following the global financial crisis. Actual assistance prov... Read More »

EIB continues wide-ranging response to Ebola


“Even before the Ebola pandemic West Africa faced huge economic and social challenges. Since the start of the crisis the European Investment Bank has responded by backing investment in countries most impacted by Ebola as well as supporting accelerated development of a vaccine for the virus. The international community cannot abandon West Africa in this time of need and must continue to demonstrate firm engagement.” said Pim van Ballekom, European Investment Bank Vice President. “This week’s high-level conference will ensure effective engagem... Read More »

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon visited the 2nd Annual Meeting of IDFC in Washington


In his keynote speech to the CEO of IDFC Ban said: "The development banks within the IDFC have agreed in impres-degree ckendem green financing, including last year alone, the USD 79 billion for climate finance." He encouraged the member banks of the IDFC to continue to increase its efforts in the field of climate finance and continue their efforts to mobilize additional private capital and to take the climate summit in 2014 on the occasion, the target annual new commitments for climate financing in the amount of 100 billion to realize USD. "The... Read More »

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