Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Vadim Blaustein and his view on why you should be interested in a prenuptial agreements


Vadim, please clarify to us what are the benefits of prenuptial agreement. Vadim Blaustein: Prenuptial agreement is a way of securing your assets, a tool to availing legal and financial risks associated with a divorce and an additional guarantee that the marriage will not lead to unexpected legal and financial consequences in case of a divorce. Division of property and custody battles may lead to many unhappy years of court hearings about the division of property. That is why agreeing with the partner on the terms of the divorce prior to en... Read More »

The eco emulsion that breathes new life into leftover paint


Still, Harrison assumed he could find someone able to recycle all that leftover paint – or at least dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. But this was 2002. Sustainability wasn’t in the dictionary yet. The unused paint was likely destined for landfill. That was Harrison’s light-bulb moment. He spent two years searching for a solution and eventually figured out how to reprocess water-based waste paint and turn it into new emulsion. In 2009, he launched Newlife Paints. Today, the West Sussex-based company collects waste paint from ... Read More »

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