Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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UK bosses are richest in Europe


Research by Vlerick Business School in Belgium found that FTSE 100 chief executives took home pay packages worth 94 times those of their average staff member, despite government attempts to crackdown on ballooning corporate compensation. The school’s analysis, reported by the Financial Times, found that top French and German company chiefs were the only ones who came close to their British peers, earning multiples of 91 and 89 times their average worker. ... Read More »

Lloyds Bank launches responsive website for Private Banking customers


The new responsive website allows customers to enjoy a better banking experience whether they’re at home, work or on the move. This easy-to-use technology is allowing customers to connect to Lloyds Bank Private Banking more closely than ever before. The website includes these updated features: Improved accessibility for customers through desktop, tablet or smart phone An enhanced Online Appointment Booking for all devices Clickable Phone Numbers enabling customers to call us directly from the website The new website comes as Lloyd... Read More »

Partnership: Councils face an additional £1.58 billion annual bill as those prepared to deplete their wealth to avoid paying for care almost doubles


With an estimated 150,000 entering care each year - specialist Insurer Partnership – suggests that this could see councils shouldering up to an additional £1.58billion burden in England alone if all of those who say they intend to spend their wealth do so. Councils in the South East (£330 million) and North West (£240 million) are likely to be most impacted due to the relatively high number of care homes in these regions. However, people in the East Midlands (53%) are most likely to say they would spend their wealth and fall back on the stat... Read More »

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