Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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Visualizing the #MeToo movement using Google Trends


In recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we created Me Too Rising, a visualization of the global #MeToo movement through Google Trends data. On the site, you can look at global interest starting last fall and watch as consciousness spreads over time. In the past year, #MeToo has been searched in 195 countries—that's every country on earth. You can see the cities where it was trending on different dates and see what’s happening now at local levels with city-specific Google Search results for “Me Too.” And the sexual assault resources pa... Read More »

SAP receives Industry Certification for enabling an information-driven culture


Examinations for the HICHERT®IBCS software certification are carried out by independent software industry analyst firm BARC to determine if a vendor’s software is compliant with IBCS standards for the design of visualizations for successful business communication. Applied to the design of BI applications with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio and graphomate charts, IBCS enable SAP customers to quickly deploy engaging BI across an organization. The new certification validates that HICHERT®IBCS-compliant charts can be created with SAP Business... Read More »

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