Monday, January 21, 2019
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Tag: urban environments

Site-specific installation by United Visual Artists opens at A/D/O. “Spirit of the City“ explores the physical and emotional response individuals experience when navigating through urban environments


The modular system of revolving mirrored columns showcases a dynamic composition of movement, light, shadow and reflection. The seemingly organic behavior is poetically linked to the dynamic activity of New York City. Spirit of the City was created exclusively for the outdoor courtyard at A/D/O. It will open to the public May 18, 2018 and will be on view through September 2nd. “Our goal was to create a simple, yet transformative experience that metaphorically and physically reflects the surroundings of A/D/O and New York City at large,” says... Read More »

Russian Helicopters deliver Ka-32A11BC to Shanghai


The Ka-32A11BC is certified in China and boasts a wide array of potential uses on the regional market, where demand for helicopters boasting broad, universal application, is constantly on the rise. The helicopter is excellently suited to China’s mountainous regions and modern cities, thanks to its unique coaxial rotor design, enabling it to take off and land in small, unequipped, locations, and to manoeuvre in mountainous or built-up urban environments. The Ka-32A11BC is designed for special search and rescue operations, firefighting miss... Read More »

Smart coupling of IXBlue and Septentrio technologies creates ATLANS-C for superior mobile mapping in urban environments


The system is designed to provide continuous and accurate positioning in urban environments; where global navigation satellite system (GNSS) signals are obscured, intermittent, or possibly distorted by reflective surfaces. ... Read More »

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