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Volga-Dnepr: Singapore Sports Hub is pitch perfect thanks to ‘flying’ artificial grass machines


The machines were flown in from Singapore where they were used at the Singapore Sports Hub, the country’s new 55,000 capacity national stadium that officially opens on 30th June, 2014. The flight was operated for Volga-Dnepr’s longstanding partner, Chapman Freeborn Airchartering. Desso GrassMaster machines use patented technology to inject artificial grass fibres into natural grass to make stadium pitches more resilient and long-lasting. The 9-metre track-laying machines were able to drive into the cargo hold of the IL-76TD-90VD along a ramp... Read More »

Thales: UK student mission to Mars takes off


The experiments were carried 30km up into Earth’s atmosphere on a high altitude balloon, named Tharsis after a volcanic region of Mars, where they experienced temperatures as low as -50°C, pressures of 1% of that at sea level and increased levels of radiation; conditions which are very similar to that of the surface of Mars. These conditions can rapidly degrade materials, damage electronics and sterilise organics. After a two hour flight from Frome, Somerset, the balloon and experiments landed on farmland in Pulham, Dorchester and were safel... Read More »

Unilever: Seeking young entrepreneurs with sustainable ideas to change the world


€200,000 in financial and mentoring support Open to anyone aged 30 or under, Unilever is looking for scalable and sustainable products, services or applications that reduce environmental impacts, improve health and well-being or enhance livelihoods through changes in practices or behaviours. The Awards, run in partnership with the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), and in collaboration with Ashoka(Link opens in a new window), offer seven young people a total of more than €200,000 in financial support and individuall... Read More »

Halifax: Eight out of ten children know their parents worry about money


Eight out of ten children [77%] know their parents worry about money, close to the real figure of nine out of ten parents [91%] who actually are concerned. One in five [18%] children believe their parents worry about money ‘all the time’, with another quarter of children [23%] say it is ‘quite often’. Nor is insight into parent’s finances confined to older children and teenagers. Almost three quarters [74%] of 8-11 year olds are aware of their parent’s financial concerns. On the other hand, parents are quite attuned to their children’s fi... Read More »

Barclays: The kids are alright – younger generation would keep a family business alive


Barclays found three in five UK adults (61%) would want to pass on a family business to the younger generation in their family if they had the opportunity, however 23% of those over 55 feared that the younger generation would not want to inherit it. The research is part of the latest report on family business from Barclays and CEBR. The ‘Second Generation Family SMEs in the UK’ report reveals fewer businesses are being passed down to grandchildren. The number of businesses handed on to the next generation3 has fallen by 136,000 since 2007. C... Read More »

Partnership: international lessons for the UK pensions market


“Following the Budget, commentators have suggested a variety of countries approaches to pensions as a panacea for what ails the UK market. However, while there are certain lessons that we can learn, blindly following systems which see 50% of over-55s almost entirely dependent on means tested state pension (Australia) and 46% of people dying with less than $10,000 (US) is not the answer. “So what can we learn? Evidence from Switzerland – where 80% of people annuitise – suggests that generous annuity rates (6.8% – 2014) are key to consumer eng... Read More »

Arqiva: Vote of confidence from UK pub chain


Enterprise selected us as its trusted partner in a programme rolling out WiFi across its estate to help bring in new customers, increase dwell time and drive revenue. To gauge the early success of this programme the group commissioned a survey of 100 publicans. Carried out both online and by telephone, the survey undertaken on behalf of Enterprise used the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system. This measures how likely each participant is to recommend the business in question based on how they rate their experiences on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 ... Read More »

More than £7 billion lost by UK SMEs each year from missed payment opportunities


Despite three quarters (74.5 per cent) of all retail transactions across the country now being carried out in this way, three in five (58 per cent) SMEs are not currently able to take card payments. Of these, a quarter admit this has resulted in lost sales opportunities. By not offering customers the option of paying by card, these SMEs lose out on around one sale per week – with each opportunity worth on average £182. This quickly adds up, amounting to £10,884 lost revenue for each business over the course of a year. In an increasingly c... Read More »

Halifax: Mortgage affordability improves across the UK


Mortgage affordability1 improves across the UK except in London and the South East Today’s average mortgage payment takes up 28 per cent of a new borrower’s income, 3 per cent less than five years ago and 20 per cent down from the market peak in 2007 In London a new mortgage will cost an extra £2,000 per year compared to five years ago, while across the UK payments have fallen by an average of £100 Biggest falls in payment outgoings are in Northern Ireland [£2,880], Scotland [£912] and the North [£780] Public sectors workers are more re... Read More »

Aviva: Friday the 13th – unluckier for some


This unlucky day spookily sees more bumps and shunts than normal no matter what time of year Friday 13th falls on – be it a cold winter, rainy spring or sunny summer. And although around two-thirds of people (63%) admit to holding some superstitious beliefs, just one quarter of us (26%) believe that Friday 13th is an unlucky day, according to research from the insurer. Half of us (50%) admit to using the phrase ‘touch wood’ to prevent bad things from happening, while two-fifths (43%) avoid walking under ladders and more than one in three ... Read More »

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