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TNT Express awarded contract from MTU Aero Engines


The contract sees TNT Express transporting aircraft engines parts between MTU Aero Engines’ facilities in Munich, Hannover and Berlin-Brandenburg and aerospace customers across Europe. The most important destinations are the UK and Ireland. The contract includes the handling of return shipments of components to MTU Aero Engines’ maintenance facilities in Germany. Cost-efficiency and reliability were the two key considerations in selecting TNT Express. TNT Express provides MTU Aero Engines with a combination of Express (premium) and Economy E... Read More »

New research reveals social value of being online is worth more than £1,000 a year


The findings are part of an independent study, commissioned by BT, to calculate the social value of using the internet. The research placed a monetary figure on being online. For someone using the internet for the first time, this was calculated at £1,0642 and comes from a combination of benefits ranging from financial savings and improved employment opportunities to reduced feelings of isolation and improved confidence. And the accumulative benefits of being online could be as high as £3,5682 when also considering professional people’s a... Read More »

Barclays: Live final of largest ever international schools’ online chess tournament


40 children from eight countries – UK, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Denmark and the USA – were in London this week to battle it out for the overall tournament title. The UK was represented by St Bridget’s Church of England School from West Kirby which included Tom Winston, aged 10; Rafael Parry, 10; George Creasy, 8; Advait Bavikatte, 8 and Heather Marshall, 10. All 5 members put up a valiant fight but the title was eventually claimed by the German team. The week’s events mark the culmination of months of online matches, in w... Read More »

Aviva: “Too scared to talk”: One in four children feel unable to share worries with parents


100,000 children in the UK run away from their home each year, often from issues such as family changes, death and divorce Tackling conversations about these difficult topics could help prevent children from feeling isolated and thinking of running away from home launches today and invites parents to upload their most awkward conversation to raise awareness of the need for open dialogue at home and to help Railway Children support those who have no one to turn to More than one in four children (27%) admit to ... Read More »

BT and CWU reach 33 month pay agreement


Under the agreement, ‘team members’ at BT will receive a 2.0% increase to their base pay from April 1, 2014 along with a flat rate increase of £200 which will be fully consolidated and pensionable. This will see the majority of employees receive an effective increase of between 2.5% and 3.2% in year one. Team members will then receive a consolidated and pensionable 2.5% increase to their base pay and pay-related allowances in both April 2015 and April 2016 with the latter change being effective until January 2017 at which point a new pay review... Read More »

UK Athletics legend Cram back in Edinburgh to relive and share memories of one of his greatest triumphs


Cram (53) was back at Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh in his role as Brand Ambassador for international IT services company, Atos, making his return 28 years after he won Commonwealth Gold in the 800 and 1500 metres in Scotland’s capital in 1986. Working with the Scottish Institute of Sport team and the City of Edinburgh Council, Cram and partner Allison Curbishley – who won a Silver medal for Scotland in the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur – took more than 100 aspiring athletes and their coaches through their experiences of particip... Read More »

Thames Water: Spend a penny, save water


Urimat waterless urinals can save as much as 100,000 litres every year in busy locations compared to conventional models, and are now backed by Britain’s biggest water firm. Thames Water has teamed up with sole UK suppliers, Ecoprod, to highlight the importance of saving water as resources in the South East continue to be stretched due to population growth and climate change. As well as the water saving benefits, there are also cost saving advantages for companies making the switch, including lower water bills and reduced maintenance fees. Beca... Read More »

Lloyds Bank and Halifax commit to over 2,000 Digital Champions to get the North West online


The pledge comes as recent research shows that the North West is lagging behind in its digital skills when compared to the rest of the UK. The recently published Lloyds Bank Business Digital Index showed that 38% of SMEs and charities are without basic online skills in the North West while Go ON UK estimates that nearly a fifth of the region’s population – 18% don’t have basic online skills. That includes the basic skills needed to send and receive email, use a search engine, browse the internet or complete online forms. Today Go ON UK and i... Read More »

Barclays: ‘Modest must-haves’: report reveals income expectations for later life


Research conducted with over 2000 individuals highlights relatively modest expectations in later life The top three retirement ‘must haves’ are reported as: being able to pay off money owed, taking a two-week holiday abroad each year and being able to run a car The report, entitled ‘Steps Towards a Living Pension’ introduces the new concept of a Living Pension - the income level defined contribution (DC) pension scheme members feel that they would require to maintain an adequate lifestyle in retirement. In the way that the UK Living Wage i... Read More »

Halifax: Festival-goers risk valuable lesson


Around three million festival-goers admit their belongings are not insured – new research by Halifax Insurance has revealed – and with Brits owning technology devices worth £4,000 on average, the insurer is urging those taking some of their prized gadgets into the fields to ensure they are adequately covered to avoid a potentially expensive mud bath. Martyn Foulds, senior claims manager, Halifax Insurance, said: “Festival-goers should add checking their insurance policy to the essentials list alongside sun cream, wellies and camping equipmen... Read More »

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