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Tackle UK’s compensation culture to cut £50 off motor premiums, says Aviva


98% of drivers want further cost to be taken out of the system Report shows £1.4bn excess costs can be cut from motor claims Aviva’s report, ‘Road to Reform: Tackling the UK’s Compensation Culture’ calls for three key reforms which will reduce cost and improve service for Britain’s insured drivers: Compensate minor, short-term personal injuries in road accidents with rehabilitation only. Insurers would arrange and pay for the customer’s rehabilitation, regardless of whether the customer is at fault or not. Cutting cash compensation for... Read More »

Vodafone and Aviva strengthen and deepen 17-year relationship with major new contract


Vodafone will provide and manage a cloud-based contact centre service to support 12,000 Aviva employees in customer-facing operational roles across multiple sites in the UK and Ireland. During 2015, Vodafone will also provide Aviva employees with new tools for collaboration such as document sharing, instant messaging and conferencing services based on the Vodafone One Net unified communications product suite. This will help staff enhance Aviva customers’ experience through an improved level of service and support. Vodafone Global Enterprise ... Read More »

West Midlands Police selects Accenture to support Digital Policing Program


Accenture will provide WMP with digitally enabled capabilities to help meet current and future policing needs, manage citizen service requests and achieve cost savings across operations. The initial phase of the project will involve the design of a new operating model for the force that will help shape and inform operational decisions from 2015 to 2020. The operating model will be developed by the force in close consultation with partners, local communities and stakeholders. Accenture will provide project and program management, business cha... Read More »

AstraZeneca reveals designs for new Global R&D Centre and Corporate Headquarters in Cambridge, UK


Key features of the site include: Science at the heart – the high technology labs on the site will be separated from other work spaces by glass walls to promote ‘visible science’, ensuring scientific innovation is the primary focus for all staff, both in R&D and other functions. Fostering collaboration –the site will feature a number of open spaces and thoroughfares to encourage collaboration not only within AstraZeneca, but also with the wider scientific community within the CBC and beyond. Reflecting the character of the City – th... Read More »

Partnership: Think tank issues warning on future pensioner poverty


In 2012/13, pensioner households were less likely to be on a low income than households with working age adults or households with children. This marks a stark contrast to 15 years ago when low incomes were far more prevalent across pension households than working age ones. The figures are set out today by ILC-UK as it launches its second annual Factpack on ageing and demographic change (Mapping Demographic Change). The Factpack has been developed as part of the #populationpatterns series supported by the specialist insurer Partnership. ILC-... Read More »

BT launches BT One Phone for small and medium sized businesses


All of an individual’s numbers are linked to their work mobile phone, so whether somebody calls their landline, extension or mobile number, all calls go to one phone, helping businesses be more responsive to their customers and less likely to miss calls. It works with a full range of mobile phones, by inserting a BT One Phone SIM. Combined with 4G and unlimited access to over 5 million BT Wi-fi hotspots, our customers’ employees now have both the data and voice connectivity to let them be as productive outside the office as they are at their de... Read More »

SSE: UK’s top surfers set to ride the waves at Thurso Championships


SSE and Highland Council’s support for the Thurso Surfing Championships is helping to bring the UK Pro Surfing Tour back to Thurso this year, where over 100 surfers will compete for the National Title. The event will showcase both professionals and juniors with an emphasis on the next generation of surfers. It will feature the qualifying event to choose the elite junior surfers to represent Great Britain in a series of international events next year. Support from SSE and Highland Council will allow Thurso to demonstrate itself as one the ... Read More »

Lloyds Banking Group to oversee Government drive for improving digital skills for SMEs and charities


This is part of the work overseen by the Digital Inclusion Delivery Board of which Lloyds Banking Group is the only bank to sit on. The working group will work with Government, the digital skills charity Go ON UK and the six other partners to help businesses and charities make better use of information technology. The first step for the working group will be to establish where the major gaps in support and provision for SMEs and charities are to help them increase their online skills. The group will also identify solutions by building on wor... Read More »

MasterCard launches MasterPass™ in South Africa


MasterPass enables consumers to make convenient, simple, fast and secure digital payments. Digital wallets accessible through the MasterPass acceptance network allow consumers to store all their MasterCard or other branded credit, debit or cheque card information, and shipping and billing address details securely in one place. This gives them the ability to make secure online payments without the repeated hassle of entering these details each time. “The world we shop in is constantly evolving and the ways we pay should keep pace. With a sing... Read More »

Doubts emerge on Belgium’s counter-terror group


An EU source involved in the talks told EUobserver that Stockholm opposes the idea of launching a new plan which repeats what law enforcement services, intelligent services, and border services do anyway on a daily basis. “A lot of others in the group said the same thing, but at the end of the day, they accepted some vague language so they could sign a political facade saying ‘We are united in this’,” the source said. The contact noted that Belgium launched the initiative following a fatal shooting at a Jewish Museum in Brussels in May. ... Read More »

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