Monday, September 21, 2020
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BlauStein Awarded with the Holland Quaestor Quality Mark


The Quality Mark of Certified Trustworthy Company is awarded to BlauStein in recognition of meeting the certification criteria, which pertain to five core values: integrity, independence, reliability, sustainability, and professionalism; as well as to five conditions: internal organisation, systems, procedures, expertise and training, and management’s leadership and commitment towards integrity and ethical behaviour. The Quality Mark of Certified Trustworthy Company is awarded by the Stichting AQTO (Assured Quality & Trustworthy Organisa... Read More »

SGG Group finds new financial partner Astorg


Cobepa sells SGG to Astorg-Partners and management SGG, one of the leading independent Trust & Services providers in the Benelux, has been sold by Cobepa to Astorg-Partners (“Astorg”) and SGG’s management for an undisclosed amount. Established in 1953, and headquartered in Luxembourg, SGG is a leading independent Trust & Services provider in Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Curaçao with c.550 professionals. It offers a comprehensive range of value-added services, providing tailored solutions primarily focused on corporate and ins... Read More »

BlauStein acquires a license to act as a Registered Agent in Belize


Registered Agents  are  required under  the  International  Business  Companies  Act 1990 in  order  to incorporate  IBCs  and  other  offshore  entities  in  Belize.  Acquiring  a  license  to  operate  as  a Registered  Agent  in  Belize  is  essential  for  BlauStein  Limited  as  it  allows  the  company  to perform its duty for its clients, including ensuring that all matters relevant to the formation and existence of legal entities are taken care of. The presence of a Registered Agent is also necessary as  it  plays  a  role  in  ensuring... Read More »

Allianz: Trust is crucial


How have the concerns of investors and analysts changed since the outbreak of the financial crisis? At the beginning of the euro crisis the big focus was on Allianz's exposure to government bonds from peripheral countries – mainly meaning southern European countries. Eventually the question came up as to whether we could withstand a complete collapse of the euro. Since then, this discussion among investors has morphed into the uncertainty related to the effects of historically low interest rates which are of course a consequence of the euro ... Read More »

Lloyds Banking Group sets out new commitments to help Britain prosper


The Group will support over 80,000 first-time buyers in 2014 Increase net lending by over £1bn to SMEs in 2014 40% of senior roles will be filled by women by 2020 Will provide a minimum of £100m to its charitable foundations between now and 2020 Helping Britain Prosper Plan The Helping Britain Prosper Plan will address many of the issues faced by the Group’s customers, its colleagues and the communities in which it is based, such as struggling to buy a first home, finding a job, running a small business, living in a disadvantaged ar... Read More »

BlauStein becomes member of the International Compliance Association


ICA is a leading worldwide provider of certified qualifications and training in compliance, anti-money laundering and financial crime prevention. It ensures and promotes the access of its members to best practices in the field through education, dialogue and information exchange. ICA’s goals include, but are not limited to: Increasing the awareness of the members with regards to the benefits of best compliance, anti-money laundering and financial crime prevention practice. Enhance knowledge and experience in the fields of compliance, a... Read More »

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