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Vadim BlauStein: The Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive and the Beneficial Ownership Register


As this directive directly relates to the areas of financial, corporate and trust services, we ask Vadim Blaustein, CEO of BlauStein Lawyers, to provide comments on this topic. Mr. Blaustein, your company has its headquarters in the Netherlands. Could you say that many things have changed in your business area after the 4th AML Directive came to force? Vadim Blaustein: The impact of the new Directive is not that big. In fact, the Netherlands were traditionally in the front lines of the fight against money laundering and had quite an exte... Read More »

Lobbying at EU level: Parliament hosts conference on mandatory transparency register


The European Transparency Register was set up in 2011 after the Commission and Parliament agreed to have a joint register instead of the separate ones they had had earlier. Registration is currently voluntary, but the number of registrants has been picking up steadily in recent years. There are now more than 9,000 organisations on the list with about 1,000 new entries per year. The transparency of EU decision-making has been an important issue for the Parliament. “On many occasions, Parliament has called for a mandatory register of lobbyists. W... Read More »

BASF Crop Protection improves product traceability and transparency throughout the value chain


Starting this year, an increasing number of BASF crop protection products will include a machine-readable information in the form of a unique data matrix code on their labels. The code will contain relevant product information, such as global trade item number, batch number, production date, and a unique alphanumeric identifier. It can be scanned at each stage of the supply chain and the data will be stored for retrieval in a BASF database. Once the route of a product is being monitored and documented, farmers in particular will be able to easi... Read More »

MasterCard transforms Aid Distribution


Humanitarian organizations are increasingly asked to provide aid in a climate of political and economic unrest. To address this challenge, MasterCard today launched the MasterCard Aid Network, an end-to-end, non-financial service designed to streamline aid distribution even in the absence of telecommunications infrastructure. Now, impacted populations can secure basic needs swiftly with the simple dip of a card. MasterCard_Aid_Network“With MasterCard Aid Network, we are transforming the way NGOs and other aid agencies can deliver support ... Read More »

European Commission publishes TTIP legal texts as part of transparency initiative


'I'm delighted that we can start the new year by clearly demonstrating through our actions the commitment we made to greater transparency just over a month ago,' said EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström. 'Today's publication of our specific legal proposals in the context of TTIP marks another first in EU trade policy.' The so-called 'textual proposals' published today set out the EU’s specific proposals for legal text that has been tabled in the proposed TTIP. They set out actual language and binding commitments which the EU would like t... Read More »

Lufthansa: Award-winning training courses


The logistics service-provider's programme has existed since 2008. It is aimed at graduates of degree programmes in business administration and industrial engineering with a focus on logistics. In a period of 18 months the trainees spend time in the areas of Handling, Sales, Yield Management, Network Planning & Sales Management as well as Global Handling Management. A modular programme structure and an assignment abroad provide them with deeper insights into the operational processes at Lufthansa Cargo and through changing projects allow th... Read More »

BT to recruit 1600 new engineers


New roles welcomed by the Prime Minister New Openreach chief executive promises to publish performance data online Calls for more female engineers and former military personnel With the company having passed more than 19 million homes and businesses with fibre – some two thirds of the UK – the new recruits will help to continue to improve customer service and bring the technology to even more communities. As more and more people rely on the internet, they have rising expectations of reliability. The new engineers will help Openreach t... Read More »

Allianz: Trust is crucial


How have the concerns of investors and analysts changed since the outbreak of the financial crisis? At the beginning of the euro crisis the big focus was on Allianz's exposure to government bonds from peripheral countries – mainly meaning southern European countries. Eventually the question came up as to whether we could withstand a complete collapse of the euro. Since then, this discussion among investors has morphed into the uncertainty related to the effects of historically low interest rates which are of course a consequence of the euro ... Read More »

New EU website to provide easy and transparent access to aid data


The ‘EU Aid Explorer’ covers the activities of different donors and offers quick answers to questions such as how much aid the EU gave or in which sectors EU member states worked in a given year. This tool is part of EU action to further increase transparency and improve accountability. By making data easily accessible, countries, beneficiaries, EU citizens and implementing partners can examine the use of donor funds; and donors themselves can improve coordination and effectiveness. At the event, EU Commissioner for Development, Andris Pieba... Read More »

EU reaches deal on bank account for everyone


Under the bill, anyone legally residing in the EU, including customers with no fixed address, will be able to open a basic account. ... Read More »

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