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Vadim Blaustein: Introduction to Launching an ICO


Please describe in short what the ICO is. Vadim Blaustein: ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, it is an innovative crowdfunding tool that allows selling tokens (cryptocurrency) to interested buyers in exchange for funds that are used to finance the project, or fund a research, or support another attractive business model. How relevant are ICOs today? Vadim Blaustein: Extraordinarily. In 2017 ICOs have shown tremendous growth, and the ICO market raised over 3.5 billion USD. The month of September was a success in itself when 800 milli... Read More »

Vadim Blaustein: 5 argumenten om cryptovaluta zakelijk te gebruiken


2017 werd gemarkeerd door een ongeëvenaarde vraag naar de cryptocurrency. Bijgevolg groeide de prijs van cryptocurrencies aan een ongelofelijke snelheid. Bijvoorbeeld, in april 2017 kostte 1 Bitcoin 1.147 USD, in april 2018 is de prijs ongeveer 6.992 USD. In december 2017 was de prijs voor 1 Bitcoin bijna 20.000 USD. Ook een andere cryptocurrency vertoonde groei, in april 2017 werd 1 Ethereum verkocht voor 44 USD, en in april 2018 is de prijs 391 USD. “Deze indicatoren demonstreren de hoge kapitalisatie van de cryptocurrency en de significante ... Read More »

BGL BNP Paribas: Making online transactions more secure


The initiative was officially launched at a press conference on 19 June 2014 attended by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy, Étienne Schneider. The participating banks have chosen the Token (of the size of a keychain, the Token generates a dynamic and different access code every 30 seconds), which provides users with unrivalled security levels and an electronic signature proving that it is the client and the client alone who is logging in and making an electronic transaction on the web. The second advantage of this uniq... Read More »

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