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Getting smarter with sleep

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Sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. On a day to day basis, how well and how long we slept the night before is the single most important variable dictating how we feel. However, with more and more adults across the globe reportedly only getting an average of 6.9 hours sleep per night compared to the recommended 7-91, we need to consider how, as healthcare professionals, we can help to encourage better sleep habits.Slow Wave Sleep, also known as non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep is of particular interest. Slow wave sleep plays a pi... Read More »

Philips celebrates World Sleep Day early with the release of its annual global sleep survey results, overnight concert experience


It is estimated that more than 100 million people worldwide suffer from sleep apnea, 80 percent of whom remain undiagnosed [1], and that globally, 30 percent of people experience difficulty in initiating and maintaining sleep [2]. Sleeping well is essential to good health, and yet only one-third of people who suffer from sleep disorders seek professional help [3]. Through the collaboration with Richter and its yearly global sleep survey, Philips aims to amplify the critical importance of restful sleep to the entire world. Overn... Read More »

Results of the Q2 2016 ECB Survey of Professional Forecasters (SPF)


They reported that the downward revisions mainly reflected oil price developments since the previous quarterly survey, conducted in January. However, respondents continue to expect a strong pick-up in inflation the course of 2016 and in 2017 once the impact of the oil price decline subsides. Average inflation expectations for 2017 and 2018 were 1.3% and 1.6% respectively. Respondents envisage a profile of moderate but gradually increasing underlying inflation, which is shaped by the ongoing expansion of economic activity (and the assumption tha... Read More »

Majority of students cite digital capabilities and services at universities as key factor in higher education choice, Accenture Survey finds


“Our research revealed that as universities compete to attract students, digital capabilities are a major draw,” said Ryan Oakes, who leads Accenture’s education practice. “Like successful government programs and businesses, universities need to rise to the challenge of addressing demands for digital services among current and prospective students.” At the same time, most students considered alternatives before deciding to attend university, and the survey showed that the cost of attending a university was the number one reason such universi... Read More »

NASA’s WISE findings poke hole in black hole ‘Doughnut’ theory


The unified theory of active, supermassive black holes, first developed in the late 1970s, was created to explain why black holes, though similar in nature, can look completely different. Some appear to be shrouded in dust, while others are exposed and easy to see. The unified model answers this question by proposing that every black hole is surrounded by a dusty, doughnut-shaped structure called a torus. Depending on how these "doughnuts" are oriented in space, the black holes will take on various appearances. For example, if the doughnut i... Read More »

Pfizer brings frequent heartburn relief over-the-counter with new Nexium® 24hr


Pfizer acquired exclusive global OTC rights to NEXIUM®, one of the largest selling prescription brands in the U.S., from AstraZeneca in August 2012. Nexium 24HR was approved by the Food and Drug Administration on March 28, and received three year market exclusivity. Switching medicines from prescription to non-prescription status improves consumer access to affordable healthcare options, empowers people to take charge of their health, and is an important strategy for Pfizer. The launch of Nexium 24HR makes Pfizer a leading player in all four of... Read More »

L’oréal is the number 2 most attractive employer in Europe according to universum survey


The annual talent attraction index compiles the results of the Universum Student Survey in 12 European countries: France, Germany, UK, Russia, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Poland and Belgium. The index represents the preferences of more than 130,000 career seekers across Europe, surveyed between October 2013 and March 2014. L’Oréal, who receives one million job applications per year, is recognized by its candidates for assigning high job responsibilities early on in one’s career, for offering a diversified career p... Read More »

BP will seek review by supreme court of the United States


BP’s decision to seek Supreme Court review comes after a sharply divided Fifth Circuit denied BP’s request for rehearing. The dissenting opinions emphasize that the issues raised by BP “present questions of exceptional importance,” reflect a deep divide in approaches among the federal appellate courts, and merit Supreme Court review. The Constitution and established class action law preclude certification of a class that includes substantial numbers of claimants who were not harmed by the spill and thus lack standing to bring suit. If the Fi... Read More »

New survey highlights the impact of menopausal symptoms on women in the workplace


Some menopausal symptoms can be more problematic than others in the workplace. Hot flashes (31 percent), changes in memory and concentration (19 percent), and fatigue due to sleep disturbances (18 percent) rank most troublesome. The good news is that a few simple adjustments to everyday routines and understanding co-workers may help. "Menopausal symptoms impacted the women in our survey — for example, approximately one in 10 women strongly or somewhat agrees that she had passed up a more demanding position due to her menopausal symptoms. And... Read More »

New study projects health care costs to increase more slowly


In a national survey of 126 insurers and administrators, Buck measured the projected average annual increase in employer-provided health care benefit costs. Insurers and administrators providing medical trends for the survey cover a total of approximately 119 million people. Some survey respondents cited reduced utilization as the primary reason for the decrease. “This may be a result of the economic slowdown and its impact on consumers’ willingness to seek medical treatment,” said Harvey Sobel, FSA, a Buck principal and consulting actuary ... Read More »

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