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A Young Average Joe Takes Positive Steps Toward Fitness and Health in Joe Some-More, a Children’s Book About Healthy Eating and Exercising


Two medical professionals, Dr. Gleeson Rebello and Jamie Harisiades, teamed up to create a motivational tale told with science, sensitivity and humor that aims to teach the dangers of over indulging in dietary sugar and preventing obesity in kids of all ages. Boston, Mass. - If losing weight were easy, everyone would be doing it. Joe Some-More is having trouble. He is not able to play on the playground or make the soccer team. His eating habits, even at his young age, need some changing. Oftentimes, people just need some help and positive... Read More »

New Amazon EC2 F1 instance bringing Maxeler Maximum Performance Computing to The Cloud (Maxeler Technologies, Las Vegas, Dec 2, 2016.)


Performance brings competitive advantage. The new Amazon EC2 F1 instance, the first of its kind, allows AWS customers to use customizable hardware to push the limits of the possible, which was previously only a luxury for the largest enterprises. San Francisco, CA - Maxeler has been helping Tier 1 banks, exchanges, and government agencies to solve mission critical computational challenges. Maxeler's migration service for AWS EC2 F1 brings ultra high performance applications to the cloud while supporting an easy migration path via a hybrid pu... Read More »

Wyatt Technology Corporation Launches the ViscoStar III Online Viscometer for Polymer and Protein Characterization


1888PressRelease - The Next Generation of Viscometers is launched with ViscoStar III by Wyatt Technology for unmatched sensitivity, stability, and broadest range of solvents for macromolecular characterization. Houston, TX - Wyatt Technology, the world leader in instrumentation for absolute macromolecular characterization, announces the launch of the third generation of intrinsic viscosity detectors: the ViscoStar III. Used in conjunction with gel permeation chromatography (GPC) systems and multi-angle light scattering (MALS) detectors, s... Read More »

NASA Establishes Institute to Explore New Ways to Protect Astronauts


Work under the Translational Research Institute Cooperative Agreement, overseen by NASA’s Human Research Program, begins Oct. 1. Translational research is an interdisciplinary model of research that focuses on translating fundamental research concepts into practice, with appreciable health outcomes. The NASA Translational Research Institute (NTRI) will implement a “bench-to-spaceflight” model, moving results or methods from laboratory experiments or clinical trials to point-of-care astronaut health and performance applications. The goal of t... Read More »

DHL opens Life Science Competence Center at Amsterdam-Schiphol


The facility is one of the largest and most modern of its kind in the transport sector in the Netherlands. One area is dedicated to pharmaceutical products that must be stored at constant temperatures between two and eight degrees Celsius, while the second one allocated to a controlled temperature range of between 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. There is a special temperature-controlled loading area, with a loading dock for both ULD’s and pallets. Actively cooled containers can be charged and dry ice can be replenished. The center is equipped with nu... Read More »

Megatrends in the Dutch agri-food sector


The Netherlands is blooming as the world’s second largest exporter of agricultural and food products. America is the only other country that exports more fruit and vegetables. The Dutch agri-food sector generates € 52,2 billion of the gross national product and is good for 20% of the total export value of the Netherlands ( Considering this, this ever growing sector is of great economic and social importance. The Dutch agri-food sector has established itself as a big player; the growing demand for Dutch products creates chances... Read More »

DSM launches campaign to pay tribute to “caring” scientists


Science has had an enormous impact on the development of a healthier, more sustainable and more prosperous society. Yet, there is still so much to be done to tackle the world’s most pressing problems such as hunger, poverty, disease and climate change. Every day, scientists across the globe strive to provide answers to these global challenges and develop solutions that will help solve these challenges. The campaign highlights major societal needs through powerful storytelling and inspiring people. The centerpiece is a short documentary about... Read More »

Accenture delivers International Prospectus for North West Business Leadership Team to help grow science, technology and innovation


The strategic assessment, directed at major corporations worldwide, is based on Accenture Strategy research and analysis commissioned by NWBLT in February. Accenture Strategy and Accenture’s Global Cities practice worked with NWBLT and private, public and academic organizations to map the core capabilities that the region offers to prospective businesses, including quality of research and development, talent, infrastructure, lifestyle and local political support. Chief executives and leaders of Manchester and Liverpool city councils, Local Ente... Read More »

Real Longevity Science Peptides launched in Britain


An established British anti-ageing research company formed in 2003 and trading as the Mackenzie Protocol and 21st Century Alternatives has announced that it is dropping the term anti-ageing in favour of the term "Real Longevity Science." They feel that the term "antiageing" has been given a negative image by the media despite worldwide evidence of scientific advances and knowledge of slowing down ageing naturally wihout drugs at the level of cells, mitochondria, telomeres and DNA. They are making this change because most of the general pu... Read More »

Wells Cathedral Senior School win inaugural BP Ultimate STEM Challenge competition at the Science Museum


The nationwide schools competition, launched in September 2014 by BP, STEMNET and the Science Museum, challenged students aged 11-14 to test their Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) skills by tackling some real-world energy problems. The competition, an extension of BP’s existing Ultimate Field Trip for university students, was developed as a result of ground-breaking research conducted by King’s College London - This link opens in a new window, the research partner in BP’s Enterprising Science - This link opens in a new windo... Read More »

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