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Sustainability Visit to Cornell to Talk On-site Green Energy


Renewable energy is not only great for the environment, but also for your wallet and bottom line. Annual returns from green and renewable energy range anywhere from 5 percent to 30 percent. Clean energy systems returns deliver some unbelievable benefits. Renewable energy is designed to function for 20 to 40 years with little to no need for upgrades or additional investment. Investing in green energy is low-risk, considering it will always reduce energy costs for the lifespan of the system. Many other major companies are also making similar i... Read More »

EIB provides EUR 150m for largest onshore wind farm in the Netherlands


“Unlocking the potential of wind energy both improves energy security and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The European Investment Bank is pleased to support the NOP Agrowind project as part of our long-term investment in renewable energy in the Netherlands”, said Pim van Ballekom, European Investment Bank Vice President responsible for the Netherlands. NOP Agrowind is an initiative of agricultural entrepreneurs along the Westermeerdijk and Noordermeerdijk in the North East Polder of the Netherlands. They will together invest in the constru... Read More »

‘EU2030 climate and energy plans lack ambition and overlook local government’


The European Commission began the first phase of its consultation on the 2030 targets when it released its Green Paper last March. The Committee of the Regions will formalise its response when its members meet in Brussels on 30 January. Sirpa Hertell (FI/EPP) Vice-Chair of Espoo City Council who is leading the Committee's report on the issue, expects to receive the backing from the other local and regional politicians as she calls for a "Need to reduce energy consumption, increase energy independence and shift from fossil-based to renewable ene... Read More »

Steel foundations for offshore wind turbines: Bilfinger invests in in-house production capacities


"With our expertise, we are making a substantial contribution to the greater use of renewable energy in Europe. Bilfinger has already been involved in the installation of more than 500 offshore foundations in the North Sea and Baltic Sea", explains Joachim Enenkel. Once the facility in Szczecin goes into operation in 2015, more than 100,000 tons of steel will be processed and foundations for 80 wind turbines produced each year. "We are thus not only in a position to install steel foundations on the open seas, but can now also produce them ourse... Read More »

John Laing completes refinancing of onshore wind farm in South West Scotland


Once completed Carscreugh will have an installed capacity of 15.3MW generated by 18 Gamesa G52 turbines capable of producing enough renewable energy to power over 9,500 homes*. Ross McArthur, Managing Director of Renewable Energy for John Laing, said: “We are delighted to have completed the refinancing of Carscreugh wind farm within a short period of time since we acquired the project on an all equity basis at the end of June. We look forward to working with our partners to help deliver clean, renewable electricity to communities across the ... Read More »

Munich Re and GCubeMarsh provide risk transfer solution for large-scale solar power plant in Morocco


Munich. The project Noor 1 represents the largest CSP project outside of North America. Comprising a solar field, a power block and a thermal energy storage system, it will generate 160 MWe of electricity with up to three hours of storage. The location is ideal due to its high solar radiation and the already existing infrastructure of a mid-size city. The parabolic trough CSP plant called Noor 1 will form the first part of a broader solar power complex with total capacity of 500 MW. Munich Re and GCube are jointly leading the Marsh-designed ... Read More »

EIB support for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in energy efficiency projects in India


The loan is for projects in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors carried out mostly by private sector companies. It will target electricity and heat generation schemes, notably wind power, photovoltaic energy, hydropower and high-efficiency cogeneration. The investments will help to meet India’s rapidly growing demand for electricity by using environmentally sustainable resources. They will also generate economic benefits for the region by developing domestic energy resources, improving energy efficiency and reducing airborne p... Read More »

EIB increases support for energy efficiency and green energy projects in the Czech Republic


EUR 100 million loan to Raiffeisenbank a.s. and EUR 50 million loan to Česká Spořitelna a.s. Both loans are expected to benefit from the new SME Energy Efficiency Window with a view to supporting energy efficiency and renewable generation projects undertaken in the Czech Republic by eligible housing associations, energy service companies and other SME and Mid-Cap promoters. This EU grant facility will be used to provide financial incentives to eligible projects as well as to finance the necessary consultancy fees and administrative costs. ... Read More »

EIB launches new Central American renewable energy lending initiative


“Considerable investment is needed to harness the potential of renewable energy and more efficient energy use to reduce carbon emissions and provide energy essential for economic growth. The European Investment Bank is committed to supporting long-term investment in sustainable energy around the world and enabling low-carbon energy investment in Central America. We have a strong track record of partnership with the Central American Bank for Economic Integration and look forward to continuing this cooperation to benefit investment in the region”... Read More »

DEME has won new contracts worth 250 million EUR for energy-related projects


In Santa Marta, Colombia, Dredging International will carry out dredging work for a turning basin and mooring facilities for the Drummond Project. This large-scale project is part of preparations for new loading installations for coal. Drummond Colombia, Colombia’s largest coal processor, is aiming to modernise and optimise the transport of coal between the mainland and export ships as a result. The work, starting in July 2013, involves the use of four trailing suction hopper dredgers and will take about six months to complete. In northwest ... Read More »

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