Sunday, January 20, 2019
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Porsche plans to invest more than six billion euro in electromobility by 2022

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Porsche has been putting together an unprecedented future development plan: By 2022, the sports car manufacturer will invest more than six billion euro in electromobility, focusing on both plug-in hybrids and purely electric vehicles. The de-cision was made by the Porsche AG Supervisory Board at its most recent meeting. “We are doubling our expenditure on electromobility from around three billion euro to more than six billion euro”, explains Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG. “Alongside development of our models with c... Read More »

Tesla’s Elon Musk promises pick-up truck and new features

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Elon Musk made the promise on Twitter after asking his followers for suggestions about how the firm could improve. He said the open-backed truck would follow the Model Y - a yet-to-be detailed car, which is expected to be based on its Model 3 sedan. But experts note Tesla has suffered repeated delivery delays. That has led some to question whether the loss-making company can meet its existing commitments - which also include a forthcoming articulated lorry and sports car. Mr Musk also made several promises about new features Tesla intends to... Read More »

VTB Group announces its strategy for 2014 – 2016


“Our new strategy addresses the key opportunities and challenges for VTB Group in an environment of slower economic and banking sector growth. For the next three years our primary objectives will be: -to maintain the positions of our corporate-investment banking business while further improving its efficiency and non-interest earning capabilities; -to outperform the market in growth of retail loans and deposits, and further increase the share of the retail business in the Group’s business mix; -to prioritise mid-sized corporate business as... Read More »

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