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Telecommunication continues to lead the way


The Telecommunication (Telco) market was the only sector within Western Europe with overall significant growth rates. Driven by the ongoing smartphone boom, sales grew at double digit rates. Information Technology (IT) and Small Domestic Appliances (SDA) achieved partly healthy growth rates on a country level. The markets for Photo and especially Consumer Electronics (CE) however, are struggling with declines in all regions, caused by market saturation, subsitutional effects and price declines. Telecommunication: Smartphones drive developmen... Read More »

APM Terminals Rotterdam welcomes world’s largest vessel on first European port call

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18,000 TEU capacity Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller arrives on Maiden Voyage from Asia; New era in global trade begins as the world’s most advanced container ship calls Europe’s most advanced terminal. Terminal sets local productivity record on vessel. At 400 meters (nearly a quarter of a mile) in length and 59 meters wide, it is the largest vessel currently afloat of any kind, reaching 73 meters in height (as tall as a 24-story building). “We welcome the very impressive future of global shipping here at APM Terminals Rotterdam, where we are rea... Read More »

Eurozone recovering faster than expected


Finland and Germany recorded the highest growth of 0.7 percent. However, there was also good news for Portugal, which, despite recent social unrest and political turmoil over its bailout programme, saw its economy grow by 1.1 percent. Meanwhile, France recorded a 0.5 percent growth rate, which will dampen concerns that the country's economy will remain stagnant in 2013. The statistics indicate that the European economy is recovering faster than expected and could post an overall growth rate for 2013. In May, the EU executive forecast that... Read More »

Europeans seek ever more mobile bandwidth, but they worry about cost


Mobile phones are now everywhere, but only half are "smart". Subscriptions for phones that include internet access range from 55% in Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Finland, France & the Netherlands to below 35% in Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria & Portugal. This lower penetration of smart phones is a feature in many countries where mobile Internet access subscribers limit time spent online because they are concerned about the charges - Hungary (35%), Portugal (58%), Greece (53%), Cyprus (52%), Belgium, (47%) & Romania ... Read More »

774% difference in phone call prices across the EU


European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes said: "As these numbers clearly show, the 28 national telecoms markets in Europe today are not benefitting consumers like a single market would. It is critical for the whole EU to move quickly to build a real single market to achieve a truly connected continent." There are much smaller price differentials in other categories of basic goods and services in the European single market. For example a litre of milk can be bought for between €0.69 and €0.99 wherever they are in the EU, a price differ... Read More »

European consumers empowered by mobile banking


But cash still seen as giving ultimate control, ING survey finds London, 1 July 2013 Mobile banking seen as giving more control over spending Social is booming and set to grow as more young people expect to be able to make transactions via social media Cash still seen as offering ultimate control of budgeting and spending More control The Netherlands is the most developed mobile banking spot, according to a measure that takes internet penetration into account, while Turkey is the top mobile banking “hotspot”. More than three-quar... Read More »

Structural approach to hunger in Sahel and Horn of Africa


This new aid package was announced today by Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Lilianne Ploumen. ‘Stop-gap solutions, necessary though they may be, are not effective in the long term,’ the minister said. ‘Investment in rural development is urgently needed. Fortunately, there are some hopeful signs. Over the past few years, local farmers have succeeded in boosting their productivity on millions of hectares of less fertile land, using local techniques. We intend to scale up those techniques, with the help of expertise from VU ... Read More »

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