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World’s Biggest Education Market Is Opening For Business

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Successive reforms of strict prohibitions on foreign-owned schools has seen the number of students enrolled in international schools rise, with the Chinese market now the largest in the world. And the most lucrative end of the market is in line for a significant fillip in 2018 following changes introduced this year. Suspicion of western influence has been behind a historical reluctance on the part of the Chinese authorities to allow international schools to gain anything more than a toe-hold in the country. Access was generally denied to Chi... Read More »

Burton Mills: Germany to Post Budget Surplus


Burton Mills: Projected budget surplus would be a win for Angela Merkel’s administration and the parties it hopes to form a coalition with. According to recent reports, Germany could announce a budget surplus of 14 billion euros this year. A budget surplus of this size would give Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party significantly more room to negotiate as it attempts to form a new coalition with the Greens and Free Democrats. Taipei, Taiwan- based investment house Burton Mills’ economists stated that the new budget projections we... Read More »

Unilever to acquire Mãe Terra


Mãe Terra is a fast-growing and well-loved brand in Brazil, providing health-conscious consumers with organic and nutritious food products since it was set up in 1979. The company’s vision is to democratise natural and organic food by taking care of people and planet. Mãe Terra operates in several categories with a portfolio that includes organic cereals, cookies, snacks and culinary products. The main Mãe Terra categories represent a Brazilian market worth more than €8 billion (Euromonitor).Growing at over 30% per year, Mãe Terra has a strong ... Read More »



Within the scope of this agreement, SUEZ and L’Oréal have decided to promote innovative solutions to favour sustainable production, to work together to tackle climate change, protect oceans and water resources, and preserve natural resources and biodiversity, and to promote the circular economy. To accomplish this, SUEZ will work with L’Oréal to develop solutions, based on the excellent results already achieved, to: - attain a neutral or positive “water footprint” for some L’Oréal sites, particularly by optimising water management in its ... Read More »

MotiveWave Software Releases Version 5.0 with Support for High Resolution Monitors


MotiveWave Trading Platform adds High Resolution Monitor Support as well as many other features and enhancements in Version 5.0. TORONTO, ON - MotiveWave Software, a Toronto-based developer of easy-to-use high-performance charting and trading software for the individual trader, is pleased to announce the release of Version 5.0 of its MotiveWave full-featured charting and trading platform, which now includes high resolution monitor support, a completely new look and feel, and many other new features and enhancements. Here are just a few hi... Read More »

Berlin Company Revolutionizes Real Estate Market


With "Digital Viewing" Always Live on Site - Even From a Distance. The Berlin-based company Accord Estates GmbH is revolutionizing the international real estate market with the introduction of its new "digital viewing service". The new service will be particularly beneficial to overseas investors, who will be able to obtain an initial assessment of a property without having to be personally on site. Many investors have busy schedules, or may have to cancel a viewing at short notice. This technical innovation provides the perfect cost effecti... Read More »

New Book Offers Road Map on How to Bridge the Generational Divide at Work


A newly released book provides the baby boomer and millennial perspective on what working with each other is like and offers tips on how to successfully co-exist. The book is being hailed as a Bible for today's generational workforce. Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC - A changing of the guard is taking place in today's job market. Baby boomers, who were once the dominating group of employees, are now finding themselves working side-by-side with co-workers young enough to be their children. A new book titled, The Baby Boomer/Millennial Divid... Read More »

The Best Kept Secrets in Men’s Fashion Accessories Now Available on Anderos


The First Marketplace Dedicated to Stylish Men's Accessories. New York, NY - Bausele's famous Australian watches, Philippe Dubuc, Quebec's prodigal son of design, Hacter's unique, straightforward leather goods from France and many more unique, hard to find designer accessories can now be discovered and purchased on Anderos, the first digital marketplace designed to help stylish men find unique designer accessories. Conceived for stylish men with international ambitions, Anderos helps connect men of substance with designers from across the... Read More »

Miami Flower Market Grand Opening with Free Flowers and DIY Day


Miami Flower Market is celebrating its grand opening event on September 24, 2016 beginning at 10AM. The family friendly event is set to feature local food trucks, free DIY classes, special prizes, and free flower giveaways. In honor of the event, attendees will be given a free bunch of flowers. Additionally, a free succulent will also be handed out between the hours of 12PM and 2PM. To top off the giveaways, a raffle will be held and one winner will receive $100 in store credit. Free DIY Stations Flower Crown Station 10AM-12PM Beginni... Read More »



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