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International law / International Relations, the Hideous Imposture of the West


International law, on a theoretical basis, makes it possible to reach a consensus in the face of a dispute and to settle it amicably. Per Dr. Mehenou Amouzou According to its definition, international law is the set of legal rules that govern relations between states or between individuals in an international framework. A State may indicate its agreement in this relationship in several ways, in accordance with the final provisions of the treaty in question. The most common ways include definitive signature, ratification, acceptance or app... Read More »

Chad Lieber from Reputation180 Discussions on How Most Lawyers Suck at Online Marketing


New York City Reputation Management Expert Chad Ian Lieber Breaks down the proper way for law firms to market to their niche audience. For the last 100 years or so, people have chosen their lawyers the very same way - they ask their friends and family for recommendations. Unfortunately, because lawyers are so bad at online marketing, people have found it difficult to rely on a referral database of Google search. Online surveys and offline benchmark surveys often give different results for the simple reason that those who generally respond... Read More »

Orange California Law Firm Announcing Free Case Evaluations For New Personal Injury Car Accident Injury Lawsuit Claim Victims


Important news for Orange County California family members who need help after a car accident that results in property damage, bodily injury or wrongful death. The article that follows details the extra help offered by attorney information and guidance offered to those who are in need of legal facts after a car accident. Orange County, CA - People who have recently been injured in auto accidents residing in Orange, Santa Ana, Aneheim, Garden Grove, Fountain Valley, Yorba Linda, Tustin and Fullerton, and other surrounding nearby cities in Orn... Read More »

Confusion Remains Over The Legality Of E-Cigarette Usage Under Thai Law


There is still confusion about the legality of using e-cigarettes in Thailand, according to leading Thai law firm BSA Law. A popular online police page this month confirmed penalties for the possession of e-cigarettes, with users facing five years in jail, and producers facing fines or 10 years for defying the law, or both. A policewoman who posted advice on the 'Muat Ka' page said that there is actually no Thai law forbidding the possession of e-cigarettes, but the item comes under a category of goods which have not had tax levied on the... Read More »

Lieb & Lieb’s Family Law Practice Area Offers Clients Sensitive and Skilled Representation


Lieb & Lieb's 30-year tradition of providing personalized attention at reasonable costs extends to family law matters. SAN DIEGO, Calif. - Today, having one law firm that can represent an individual in any legal matter can give clients the comfort and security of knowing they will receive quality legal advice every time. The San Diego law firm of Lieb & Lieb offers a solution by providing expertise in multiple practice areas, including family law. "We know how difficult family law issues can be for individuals," explained Jack Lie... Read More »

Texas Street Force, Law Enforcement Specialists now offering services in Texas


Texas Street Force: Although your certified security guard may deter crime from your office buildings, events, or even residential communities; ordinary security guards only have the ability to contact law enforcement to confront situations in the event of an emergency. Police officers are highly trained, and take action immediately. Here are some forms of protection an off-duty police officer in the State of Texas can help protect you and your community... Homeowners Associations: Having off duty police officers present as homeowners' assoc... Read More »

Texas Street Force, Law Enforcement Specialists in Arizona is proud to announce services now available in Texas


Law Enforcements Specialists, Inc. has a proud reputation as the only nationwide security company that places full-time police officers, without exception. With Law Enforcement Specialists, you will be able to instill safety and security at your event. Whether it is a public or private event, personal protection, road construction and traffic sites, homeowner associations, and even movie sets and celebrities, Law Enforcement Specialists is here to help. Having an off duty police offer nearby will often help to prevent a criminal threat. Shou... Read More »

New law secures access to libraries


A new law is sorely needed because the current act dates from the 1980s when a library was still just a building filled with books, newspapers and magazines. Nowadays, libraries encompass much more: a place where schoolchildren go to study, locals meet and debates and courses are held. The new law lays down these functions as public services and defines the civic values of local libraries. Alongside the physical library building, a digital library now offers readers the chance to borrow e-books around the clock from the comfort of their own ... Read More »

DWI Lawyer In Killeen, Texas


DWI (Driving while intoxicated) offense in the state of Texas can have serious consequences that can affect your work, family and quality of life. If you have been charged with DWI or DUI in Killeen, Texas, you can count on the lawyers at Seigman, Starritt-Burnett & Sinkfield, PLLC. The attorneys at this law firm have years of experience in handling drunk-driving defense cases in Texas. Whether it’s your first time DWI or you already have multiple DWI charges on your driving record, these attorneys will help you avoid life-altering penalti... Read More »

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