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Helping 1 million Europeans find a job or grow their business by 2020

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That’s why we’re renewing our commitment to the EU Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, with a new pledge to help 1 million Europeans find a job or grow their business by 2020. This commitment goes beyond our previous pledge to help people develop digital skills to ensure that we support trainees as they put those skills to use in building careers and businesses. We’ve now trained 3 million Europeans, and more than 2 million people in Africa, in digital skills. This is our “Grow with Google” project, launched in 2015 and localized with expert ... Read More »

Advance Your Career With The New Breakthrough Book, “You Got the Job! Turn Your Career Dreams into Reality”

You Got the Job!

Career business Professionals and Job Seekers have a new breakthrough book being launched on March 20th, 2017 by influential Executive Recruiter and author, Angelo Giallombardo. This practical, hands on book helps career professionals to advance their careers through a proven system to get the job of their dreams within 60 days. Career professionals face new career and job acquisition challenges daily. They often lack the practical skills, knowledge, strategies, and tactics to get the job they’re desperate to find. Based on over 15 years of ... Read More »

Carrefour: Taste of Career Education Program


Our main goal and message driven to students and graduates, who has visited our booth was to inform them about beginning of our new educational program “Taste of Career”. Here are a few facts about our new program: The purpose of the educational program “Taste of Career” is to encourage young people to apprenticeship, internship and to start and build their future career with Carrefour. The program “Taste of Career” is divided into two smaller programs: “Appetite for Commerce” - addressed to students and graduates of Universities inter... Read More »

Allianz: New year, new job?


For many people, the start of a new year also comes hand-in-hand with a new job. What can Allianz offer these individuals who are looking for a change? Christian Finckh: A lot of people are attaching increasing importance to being able to combine their professional activity with the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to society. Allianz does a particularly good job of meeting these expectations. After all, without insurance cover, it would be very difficult for individuals, companies and even countries to bear risk. Anyone who fin... Read More »

Halifax: Death of DIY as home improvement skills fade


Research from Halifax Home Insurance shows confidence in undertaking many home improvement tasks is lower among young people While more than half (55%) of over 55s are confident they can put up wallpaper, only 28% of 18-24 year-olds feel able, and while 83% of older people said they can paint, only 64% of under 24s felt confident doing this. Even simpler tasks such as changing a light bulb flummox some younger householders, with less than three quarters (73%*) of 18-24 year olds saying they could do this compared to 95% of over 55s. Ma... Read More » – Spending Small


Nowadays almost all the internships are paid. The amount of money one can receive belongs to most important factors students and alumni take under consideration while choosing internship destination. Most common mistakes they – we – make is simply looking at the amount of money and saying “well, they pay a lot. Count me in!” or “meh, I wouldn't be able to sustain myself with this little cash”. Why is it a mistake? Most people forget that it's not just the amount of money that counts – it's also how much everything costs in the country where ... Read More » – Cease and Desist


Let's Start With Obvious If you already have some experience with applying for jobs you may as well skip this part. For all the others – give the list below a quick rundown. - How does your CV look like? Is it tidy and eye-catching with most important points of your career written in bolds? In some companies people responsible for preliminary choosing potential candidates spend as little as a few seconds to decide whether forward it to higher-ups or to recycle bin. If you are not sure whether it is fine or not, you can browse through appr... Read More »

L’oréal is the number 2 most attractive employer in Europe according to universum survey


The annual talent attraction index compiles the results of the Universum Student Survey in 12 European countries: France, Germany, UK, Russia, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Poland and Belgium. The index represents the preferences of more than 130,000 career seekers across Europe, surveyed between October 2013 and March 2014. L’Oréal, who receives one million job applications per year, is recognized by its candidates for assigning high job responsibilities early on in one’s career, for offering a diversified career p... Read More »

‘The Sky’s the Limit’ for Military Veterans and Reservists Working at Starbucks


“Regardless of the struggles Starbucks faced as a company, Howard never strayed from his core values,” Saatchi said of the Howard Schultz book Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul. “To many of us in the military, Starbucks is our home away from home. Whether I walk into a Starbucks at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, or a Starbucks at Incirlik Air Base Turkey, I'm home.” Two years later, Saatchi is a Starbucks partner (employee) and recruiter for the company’s military and veteran outreach program. Last November, Sta... Read More »

Porsche continues to create jobs and now employs over 20,000 individuals


Lutz Meschke, Member of the Executive Board Finance and IT of Porsche AG, underscored the earning power of the company reflected in the high return on sales of almost 18 percent. Meschke pointed out, though, that Porsche will have to bear substantially rising labor costs and write-offs due to the launch of the new Macan model range. “In addition to that, there are high expenditures for meeting the CO2 requirements and substantial investments in the build-out and modernization of the Zuffenhausen, Leipzig and Weissach locations,” Meschke continu... Read More »

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