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Bitcoin: Warren Buffett warns cryptocurrency craze ‘will come to a bad ending’

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Warren Buffett isn’t buying the cryptocurrency craze. “I can say with almost certainty that they will come to a bad ending,” the Berkshire Hathaway CEO said during an interview with CNBC. As the price of bitcoin surged to a record high of nearly $20,000 (£14,800) in December, the alternative currency — and the idea of cryptocurrencies in general — generated intense interest from both amateur investors and from institutions like Goldman Sachs, which reportedly is setting up a cryptocurrency trading desk. Mr Buffett, known for his often-pre... Read More »

Lloyds Bank: Secret savings hoard tops £3.7 billion


Total UK secret savings at £3.68 billion, up from £3.05 billion in 2014 One in ten people in a relationship in the UK keep some of their savings secret from their partner The average UK couple now keeps 68% of their savings and investments in sole accounts Londoners keep the highest proportion of their savings in sole accounts at 75% The Secret Savers One in ten (10%) people in the UK keep some of their savings secret from their partner. Women are more likely to keep secret savings than men, with 11% of women with partners keepin... Read More »

Electric transport in Amsterdam continues to increase


The key to optimal growth of the public charging network The collected data show where electric transport is growing and where an expansion of the network is needed. Further investments in the network will make the transition to electric transport even easier for Amsterdam residents and Amsterdam-based businesses. To further support the development of electric transport, Amsterdam will increase the number of charging points to 4,000 by 2018. The number is already at 1,100. Ambition The city’s ambition is to reduce traffic pollution as ... Read More »

European Internet Foundation: Hong Kong’s growing investments in R&D


Most media understandably focused exclusively on the political issues related to universal suffrage and the role of the Chinese central government in Hong Kong. However, Mr. Leung’s address contained a series of references to government plans in the areas of innovation and technology, aimed at retaining the role of Hong Kong as one of the leading information technology hubs in Asia Pacific. Mr. Leung emphasized the importance of innovation for Hong Kong, stating that the region’s gross domestic expenditure on R&D increased from $7.1 bill... Read More »

Statement by President Juncker ahead of the European Council on 18-19 December: Boosting Investment to create Jobs and Growth


First, Europe needs a new approach to investment, and we will have to concentrate on improving the investment climate in Europe. And we will have to help our eastern neighbour, Ukraine, stabilise the situation in the East, master the challenges of the winter and pursue the path of reform. We will have to focus our efforts to successfully implement these objectives. Let me start by making a few remarks on our new approach to investment. On investments On 28 November, the Commission presented its 2015 Annual Growth Survey, which is pa... Read More »

German culture award Deutscher Kulturförderpreis goes to the Allianz Cultural Foundation in Berlin


Since 2012, together with the Literary Colloquium Berlin, the Allianz Cultural Foundation has been organizing a lecture series featuring readings, discussions and workshops with journalists, authors, historians and representatives of civil society from countries of the Mediterranean cultural region. "The White Sea" - Arabic for the 'Mediterranean' – symbolizes the historic association of harbor towns around the Mediterranean. "Together with our authors from a variety of countries we travel ancient trade routes that were always also used to f... Read More »

Lloyds Bank: Secret savings swell to £3 billion


Between 2013 and 2014, the UK’s total secret savings stash rose from £2.8 billion to just over £3 billion, an increase of 9%. Overall, the average UK couple now keeps 63% of their savings and investments in sole accounts. Over one in ten (11%) people in the UK keep some of their savings secret from their partner. Women (12%) are more likely to keep secret savings than men (9%). The report shows that younger couples continue to save more independently, despite some loosening of the domestic purse strings in the past year as confidence r... Read More »

Lloyds Bank launches responsive website for Private Banking customers


The new responsive website allows customers to enjoy a better banking experience whether they’re at home, work or on the move. This easy-to-use technology is allowing customers to connect to Lloyds Bank Private Banking more closely than ever before. The website includes these updated features: Improved accessibility for customers through desktop, tablet or smart phone An enhanced Online Appointment Booking for all devices Clickable Phone Numbers enabling customers to call us directly from the website The new website comes as Lloyd... Read More »

Two out of top three investments are now UK asset classes, says Lloyds Bank Investor Sentiment Index


UK Property and UK Shares are investors top performing asset classes, followed by Emerging Market Shares UK Government Bonds has seen the biggest year on year increase, rising 11 percentage points Eurozone Shares have seen the biggest monthly decline, dropping over seven percentage months from August This positive change in investor sentiment can very likely be attributed to the recovery of the UK economy over the past 12 months, the outlook and perception of which has changed dramatically over the last several months. Despite still r... Read More »

DSM confident in a healthy future for the omega-3 market


DSM Nutritional Products announced this week that it will invest at least $30 million in new capital to upgrade and expand its facilities in Mulgrave, Nova Scotia, building upon its earlier investments in the nutritional lipids category through the acquisition of Ocean Nutrition Canada and Martek Biosciences Corporation, both major manufacturers of healthy omega-3 oils. DSM acquired Ocean Nutrition in 2012 and has become one of Nova Scotia's largest employers in the life sciences industry. The decision to increase its presence in Nova Scotia... Read More »

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