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Aegon reaches agreement over Dutch harbor workers’ pension capital


This agreement ends a dispute that began when the Optas pension fund was transformed into an insurance company, which was subsequently acquired by Aegon in 2007. Aegon and BPVH have agreed to jointly file a request with the Dutch court to remove the restriction on the capital of Optas. Upon the court granting this request, Aegon will make a payment of EUR 80 million to BPVH, as well as offering harbor workers more favorable pension conditions. In addition, over the coming years Aegon will contribute up to EUR 20 million to help mitigate the ... Read More »

Affordable Homeowners Insurance in Austin TX


If you are looking forward to getting your home insured in Austin, Texas you can benefit from the competitive rates and plans offered by the Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc. With years of experience in the insurance industry, the company is among the short list of insurance companies that are acknowledged for high quality customer service. Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc. is family owned business operating in Austin and three other locations in Central Texas. Besides homeowners insurance or home insurance, the company also provides you with ... Read More »

Insurance company “Concord” will provide insurance coverage to property “Ochakova” on more than 161,300,000 rubles


The total limit of liability Insurance "Consent" is more than 161,300,000 rubles. MPBK "OCHAKOVO" - one of the leading representatives of Russian beer and soft drinks industry in the Russian market for more than 30 years. A leader in the production of natural kvass and low-alcohol cocktails. The holding - 10 plants built from scratch, their own malting and agricultural enterprises, own vineyards on the Taman peninsula and plant natural wine. Beverage companies are available in 60 regions of Russia and more than 30 foreign countries such as t... Read More »

Insurance company “Concord” launched online sales of insurance policies going abroad


If before a client can only calculate the cost of the policy on the website and send a request to experts at its design, then with the introduction of on-line sales, purchase insurance has become much easier and more economical over time. To do this, visit the Company's website in the section "Travel Insurance" click on the "Calculate" and fill in the necessary details in the proposed form. After payment of the policy bank card by e-mail comes ready version of the policy that is valid for presentation in all embassies of foreign countries in... Read More »

Aegon and Banco Santander complete exclusive 25-year partnership in Spain


Consolidates Aegon's strong position in Spain Supports Aegon's broader strategy to become a leader in its chosen markets Aegon has completed an exclusive 25-year strategic partnership with Banco Santander, Spain's largest financial group, first announced last December. Under the terms of the agreement, Aegon has acquired a 51% stake in both a life insurance company as well as in a non-life insurance company for a consideration of EUR 220 million. The joint ventures will distribute life and general insurance products through Banco Santan... Read More »

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