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Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2018 seeks startups with disruptive ideas to shape the future of industrial automation

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NOIC is administered by Nokia Bell Labs in partnership with NGP Capital. Now in its sixth year, the goal of NOIC is to connect the world through innovations that shape the future of human collaboration, communication, connection and control. Marcus Weldon, President of Nokia Bell Labs and CTO of Nokia, said, "We're excited to open this year's NOIC with a focus on industrial automation. This is a tremendous opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs to work alongside Nokia Bell Labs researchers and others in Nokia to bring their ideas to life... Read More »

Philips wins two awards at EUREKA Innovation Days for its impact on minimally invasive surgery

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The Philips-led MEDIATE project has won the prestigious 2018 EUREKA Innovation Award in the category ‘Innovations of Tomorrow’. In addition, the MEDIATE project led to a follow-up ITEA project called BENEFIT, received the 2018 ITEA Award of Excellence. Both awards were presented during the ITEA Event 2018, part of the EUREKA Innovation Days. We are very proud to receive these awards for the work we have carried out with our partners, contributing to improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare. Bert van Meurs Business Group... Read More »

Porsche sets new quality benchmarks with its Inno-Space

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This February, the first innovation will be put to the test: the look and feel test using augmented reality. By the end of the year, this concept is then set to be integrated into the production process. The test offers a fast and reliable means of highlighting deviations from the specified perfection level, enabling time savings and a significant increase in the analysis quality. The Inno-Space forms an interface between the present and the future of quality management, allowing innovations to be developed and established so that they can b... Read More »

Chocolate makers innovate to entice health-conscious consumers

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Sales of mainstream milk chocolate bars have stagnated as consumers worried about obesity and heart disease turn to snacks with less sugar and fat, or hold out for the occasional indulgent splurge on expensive, high-end chocolate. The shift in attitudes is forcing global firms from Mars Inc. to Mondelez International <MDLZ.O> to Nestle <NESN.S> to rebrand or reformulate their mass-market chocolates to create a healthier image, or sell a more expensive premium experience. Smoother dark chocolate bars, protein bars with chocolat... Read More »

New Relic Delivers Innovations for IT Operations Teams


Software analytics company New Relic, Inc. (NYSE: NEWR) announced today a set of new features across the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud that offer IT operations teams increased visibility, and the ability to diagnose and resolve performance problems quickly. The new features announced today further IT operations teams’ ability to leverage data and analytics, as well as drive collaboration and a common, shared understanding between teams. Software teams are under pressure to resolve performance issues quickly and improve availability, as ... Read More »

Pfizer Expands R&D Equity Investment Strategy to Access Early-Stage Scientific Innovations


Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) announced an expansion of its Research & Development (R&D) investment strategy to include early-stage companies on the leading edge of scientific innovation, providing them with both equity and access to resources for research in promising areas aligned with Pfizer’s core interests. The first four investments of the newly focused initiative include $46 million in financing to companies at early stages of the discovery process that are actively exploring Conditionally Active Biologics (CABs), immuno-oncology, neuro... Read More »

Is your AFM Tip Tall Enough? – CDI introduces new AFM probes


San Francisco, CA - Every atomic force microscope (AFM) needs high aspect ratio (HAR) capability at least some of the time. The new TN series of HAR probes from Carbon Design Innovations, Inc. (CDI) are for samples 25nm or taller. TN probe technology is unlike any previous AFM probe in the market. All scanning probe microscope (SPM) and AFM probes of the TN series are made from a proprietary Carbon based composite material with the stability of Silicon but the toughness of Carbon. They are chemically inert and offer a highly reproducible long-l... Read More »

Avea R&D Centre receives important visit from European Investment Bank


Türk Telekom Group hosted the executives from the EIB and EIF at Avea’s R&D Centre, which is one of the most important R&D centres in Turkey in the field of communication technology. The delegation headed by EIB Vice-President and Management Committee member Pim Van Ballekom and EIF Chief Executive Pier Luigi Gilibert inspected the Türk Telekom Group’s Avea R&D Centre and received detailed information on the state-of-the-art technology products and services produced in Turkey. Türk Telekom Group is also a pioneer in the regional ... Read More »

Hubert Burda Media: DLD 2015: Markets, workers and the mobility of tomorrow


Entitled “It’s Only The Beginning”, the DLD (Digital, Life, Design) innovation conference will continue to focus on the influence of digitalisation on society, health, the world of work, the financial industry, mobility, art and design until 20 January 2015. To kick off the second day of the conference, Burda Board Member Stefan Winners spoke with Oliver Samwer, founder of Zalando, about the recipe for success enjoyed by start-up incubator Rocket Internet, which has spawned 50 companies so far. “Germany now has a bit of Silicon Valley and a bit... Read More »

Hubert Burda Media: Focus Digital Star Award: Outstanding innovations made in Germany


On Monday, 19 January 2015 at the DLD (Digital, Life, Design) digital conference, the news magazine presented the award for the third time to innovations whose “German engineering” may shape the markets of the future. A distinguished jury led by Ulrich Reitz considered more than 100 applicants in their search for innovations by German companies, research institutes and start-ups. Focus correspondent Susann Remke from New York presented the ceremony and spoke with the winners about Germany’s situation as a place of innovation. “With the Fo... Read More »

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