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Doctors put patients in charge with Apple’s Health Records feature

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Starting today, patients of NYU Langone Health, Stanford Medicine and nearly 40 other health systems representing hundreds of hospitals and clinics can view their medical records right from their iPhone. The updated Health Records section within the Health app helps consumers see medical information from various institutions organized into one view and receive notifications when their data is updated. This information can help patients better understand their health history, have informed conversations with physicians and family members, and ma... Read More »

Xerox Announces Pricing Terms of Offers to Exchange Outstanding Notes


The pricing terms of the company’s private offers (the “offers”) to exchange certain existing notes are listed in the table below. These terms were established as of 2:00 p.m. ET on March 14, 2017 (the “payment determination date”). The early participation payment to be received in each offer (as defined below) for each $1,000 principal amount of the existing notes validly tendered for exchange and not validly withdrawn as of 5:00 p.m. ET, on March 13, 2017 (the “early participation date”), and accepted for purchase and exchange is set forth... Read More »

Xerox Services Recognized by HfS for Excellence in Population Health Management and Care Management-as-a-Service


Xerox has a long history with population health management. The company’s government healthcare division has been enabling population health management programs, driving down costs and improving outcomes in state and local health departments for 30 years. The report recognizes Xerox for its refreshed, targeted solutions and evidence-based approach that address the needs of healthcare organizations today. Recent offerings like Xerox's Health Outcome Solutions bolstered the company’s positioning, according to HfS. The solution offers a customi... Read More »

Health care cost hikes are “eating into employer revenue” faster than inflation


There are several reasons why medical cost trends are still higher than inflation, including: Greater use of diagnostic tests and treatments Limited reimbursement to providers from Medicare and Medicaid, with unreimbursed costs passed on to employers Mandated coverage of certain benefits, such as expanded mental health benefits and prosthetic legislation Increased administrative costs associated with new regulations Up-front costs associated with new medical technology and treatments Cost of Prescription Drugs The pace of pres... Read More »

Essilor is Gold Sponsor of the 1st World Congress of Optometry


More than 1700 Eye Care Professionals from over 60 countries will gather in Medellin (Colombia) on August 14-16, for the World Congress of Optometry. This congress is the first in a series of global events to encompass all aspects of optometry in order to share research knowledge, explore clinical practice, education development and technological innovations and define an agenda for the future of accessible vision health care. Lectures and seminars will be presented by leading experts from across the globe, amongst which Prof. Brien Holden, Pro... Read More »

Mercy named one of Nation’s Most Wired for 12th Time


Simply gathering patient data isn't enough in the digital age ‒ it's how you connect the dots that matters. Mercy's integration and expanded analysis of electronic health records (EHR) have received national praise once again. For the 12th time in 17 years, Mercy has been placed on the American Hospital Association's (AHA) Most Wired™ list, alongside Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic and others. The survey examined how organizations leverage IT to improve infrastructure, quality and safety, and clinical integration. "Our patients are the ult... Read More »

LexisNexis announces intention to acquire Health Market Science


“The health care paradigm has shifted and requires physicians, patients and payers to link their data to get a complete view of an individual’s health,” said Lee Rivas, CEO, Public Sector and Health Care, LexisNexis Risk Solutions. “Intelligent information from HMS paired with leading data and analytics from LexisNexis will connect health care’s siloed data to create efficiencies and solve key data management, fraud and compliance issues within the health care system.” LexisNexis is a leading supplier of data and data management solutions fo... Read More »

Wolters Kluwer Health: Nurses need education on advance health care directives, reports Journal of Christian Nursing


Maureen Kroning, EdD, RN, of Nyack (N.Y.) College and Good Samaritan Hospital presents her hospital's experience with developing an inservice educational program to provide nurses with needed information on advance directives. She writes, "It is vital to recognize and address problems associated with AHCD so nurses can provide competent and compassionate care." Program Meets Nurses' Need for Knowledge on Advance Directives Research shows that, while most adults want their wishes for end-of-life care response, only about one-third have comple... Read More »

Higher purchasing power for employees in care sector


Annual increase purchasing power employees sector health care and welfare over the period 2008-2012 Loss of purchasing power most dramatic for self-employed and pensioners Young households cut most on spending Personal wealth over-65 households remains stable Modest loss of purchasing power employees Unemployment increased as a result of the recession, participation on the labour market decreased and the number of benefit recipients grew. In the working population, self-employed faced difficult times. They already lost purchasing po... Read More »

Kimberly-Clark health care recognized with three national novation awards of excellence for support of hospitals


The company was recently recognized by Novation as National Surgical Supplier of the Year for its outstanding efforts in working with hospital members served by Novation. This includes being compliant with terms and conditions of the national agreement, having year-over-year growth, and being fully engaged and invested in the day-to-day operations with Novation as well as its Alliance staff. The company also received the Strategic Commitment Award for their participation across Novation's committed offerings which enable significant overall ... Read More »

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