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Greenpeace launches campaign to create ‘largest protected area on Earth’ – as Antarctic nations fall short on marine protection


Following a failure to agree strong marine protection in the East Antarctic [1], Greenpeace has called for governments to show “greater vision and ambition” in the coming year and create the largest protected area on Earth: an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary. The Antarctic Sanctuary would be five times the size of Germany, in the Weddell Sea, next to the Antarctic peninsula. [2] “Over the next 12 months we have an opportunity to make history: to create an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary which would be the largest protected area on Earth’ said Frida B... Read More »

Response to Trump’s Executive Order on Infrastructure and Flood Protection


Washington, D.C. Contact: Jason Schwartz,, 347.452.3752 In response to Trump’s Executive Order curtailing environmental review, including the rescinding of safeguards against spending Federal dollars on infrastructure in the path of floods, Greenpeace USA Senior Climate Campaigner Diana Best said: “Racing to build major infrastructure where flooding is sure to happen is fiscally irresponsible and willfully ignorant. This order is about fast-tracking the placement of taxpayer dollars into the pockets of dev... Read More »

Trump announces U.S. “withdrawal” from Paris Climate Agreement – Greenpeace response


“Trump’s isolationist stance at this critical moment in history is morally reprehensible, but his attempt to derail global progress on climate change will fail. The Paris Agreement will remain in force, with or without the US government, and the transition to clean energy will continue. “The extremist Trump administration clearly has no idea the vast majority of people support the Paris Climate Agreement, nor do they seem to care that Americans will suffer the consequences of this fossil fuel giveaway. This is a decision only someone in a bill... Read More »

Georgia Court Agrees with Greenpeace, Transfers Logging Company’s RICO Case to Northern California


Filed by logging company Resolute Forest Products in May 2016, the CAD$ 300 million case is asking for independent environmental organizations Greenpeace International, U.S. Greenpeace entities and to be labeled a ‘criminal enterprise’ under anti-racketeering (RICO) laws originally created to prosecute the mafia. “This is a positive development for the case,” said Greenpeace USA General Counsel Tom Wetterer. “We have said all along that Greenpeace activities in Georgia constituted legitimate advocacy to protect the boreal forest,... Read More »

Apple announces commitment to 100% recycled materials, major step for IT sector – Greenpeace response


“Apple’s commitment to 100% recycled materials is ambitious, and highlights the need for greater urgency across the sector to reduce resource consumption and e-waste that are causing significant impacts on the environment and human health.  Transitioning to non-virgin raw materials will help to decrease the demand for mined metals and other inputs, and increase recycling rates of electronics directly.   “This commitment, and Apple’s recent progress in transitioning its supply chain in Asia to renewable energy, puts it far ahead of others... Read More »

Greenpeace captures first underwater images of Amazon Coral Reef


A team of experts, including several oceanographers who announced the discovery of the reef last year, have joined the Greenpeace ship Esperanza on an expedition to document this new biome, which runs from French Guyana to the Brazilian state of Maranhão, an area larger than the cities of São Paulo or London.[1] Oil companies Total and BP could start drilling in this area if they obtain authorization from the Brazilian government. The team were searching in a submarine launched from the Esperanza at 220 a metre depth, more than 100 kilometre... Read More »

Black Friday: Breathe, take a break – the planet can’t handle it anymore


Instead of chasing prey in the jungle like our ancestors did, we chase bargain clothing that seems like a good deal. Just look at the scenes that take place every year in American shopping malls on the fourth Friday of November, when people try to secure a favourable position in the queue outside shops in the early hours of the morning. One could say "Black Friday" deserves its name: Every year dozens of people are crushed, even to death, as has happened in the past. Black Friday, followed by Cybermonday, are intended to mark the beginning o... Read More »

US Emissions Goal for 2050 Remains More than Attainable


This new objective presents a slightly less ambitious milestone than the one recorded in the 2009 Copenhagen accord. In response, Greenpeace USA Senior Legislative Representative Kyle Ash said: “Although the new objective is slightly less ambitious than six years ago, the new analysis provided by the Obama administration helps explain how the U.S. can go further on emissions reduction — whether or not national policy is regressive in the next administration. It shows much of the actions and policies will happen at a state level in the U.S... Read More »

Greenpeace Statement on Donald Trump and the Dakota Access Pipeline


“President Obama still has the ultimate say in deciding whether the Dakota Access pipeline moves forward, and water protectors and allies will continue to fight to ensure it is defeated quickly. There is no doubt that Donald Trump poses an immediate threat to our climate and will try to fast track this and other fossil fuel projects across the country. This is all the more reason for President Obama to step in immediately to stop the pipeline once and for all. We will not allow Donald Trump to set back all of the progress we have made on climat... Read More »

‘These Are Our Prayers in Action’ — A Look at Life in the #NoDAPL Resistance Camps


As I turn off the two-lane highway that courses through the Standing Rock Indian Reservation into Oceti Sakowin Camp (technically an overflow camp from the original Camp of the Sacred Stones that formed in April of this year), I am bursting with feelings. I’ve been on the road for three days in Greenpeace’sRolling Sunlight to provide solar power to #NoDAPL resistance efforts. Without strong cell reception, it’s been hard to know what to expect when I arrive, so I’ve spent long days anxiously trying to imagine what it will be like at camp. Bu... Read More »

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