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Capture and share VR photos with Cardboard Camera, now on iOS


VR photos taken with Cardboard Camera are three-dimensional panoramas that can transport you right back to the moment. Near things look near and far things look far. You can look around to explore the image in all directions, and even hear sound recorded while you took the photo to hear the moment exactly as it happened. To capture a VR photo, hold your phone vertically, tap record, then turn around as though you’re taking a panorama. Bugaboo Spire in B.C., Canada captured by Googler Adam Dickinson Starting today, you can also share your VR p... Read More »

Refreshing our Transparency Report for copyright removals


The report hasn’t changed much since 2012 and was getting a little rusty. So today, we’re releasing a new version of the report that makes it easier for you to understand the data: Examples of removal requests, similar to the annotations we added togovernment requests to remove content last year. These illustrate the range of things we’re asked to remove and the decisions we make in response. A new Explore the Data page, which lets you search the database of removal requests and see a more detailed list of reporting organizations, domains... Read More »

OnHub turns one today


Apart from Philips Hue, here are 10 awesome things OnHub lets you do: 1. Be the host with the most (Wi-Fi). The OnHub guest network is a place just for guests. And since you may not want to make all of the devices on your primary network available for guests to access, you can pick and choose which gadgets you share (like your printer or TV). 2. Pinpoint what’s slowing you down. OnHub's Network Check feature measures both the speed of your Wi-Fi router and the speed of the service you're getting from your ISP. This lets you pinpoint if th... Read More »

Sheep View: Where there’s a wool, there’s a way


When we herd about the Sheep View project, we thought it was shear brilliance. So we decided to help the Faroese by supplying them with a Street View trekker and 360 cameras via our Street View camera loan program. Last week, the Google Maps team arrived in the Faroe Islands to help train and equip the local community to capture even more (but slightly less woolly) Street View imagery. Now that the Faroe Islands is supplied with a Trekker and 360 cameras, residents and tourists can assist the sheep in collecting Street View imagery of their ... Read More »

Dive (or run, swim, vault…) into the Olympics with Google Trends


Olympics Trends Hub Throughout the next few weeks, Google Trends will give you a unique view into the games with a new Trends Hub just for the Olympics. There, you’ll be able to see which athletes, events and moments are captivating audiences—and searches—worldwide. For example, which country is searching for beach volleyball the most? Landlocked Switzerland. And the title of most searched grandmother in the world goes to British swimmer Adam Peaty's nan. Here’s some of what you can expect from Trends over the next few weeks: Search ins... Read More »

Let Google be your guide to Rio de Janeiro


In celebration of the next chapter in Olympics history, we’re bringing the best our products have to offer to help people around the world stay up-to-date with the Olympic Games Rio 2016: Discover the event schedule, medal counts, and athlete information in Search Get results and view TV schedules in 30+ countries Watch official broadcasters’ event highlights on YouTube in 60+ countries Explore Rio and venues in Google Maps Keep up to date with the latest search Trends from around the world On Google, searching for information ab... Read More »

The art of collaboration: from Sheets to the streets


In partnership with Refinery29, a lifestyle digital media company, we linked up with renowned illustrators Marina Esmeraldo in Barcelona, and Mallory Heyer in NYC. We gave them a simple creative assignment—to “break the grid”—which literally can mean pushing the “grid” of Google Sheets to its limits, but also taps into the idea of supporting and celebrating women globally who break free of confined roles and ways of thinking, which is core to Refinery29's mission. Marina and Mallory connected a handful of times on Google Hangouts to plan and... Read More »

Swets announces the addition of Rheumatology program to DSM


“DSM is continually growing and building to provide medical professionals with a vast repertoire of information that they can utilize to bring predictability and authority to patient interactions,” said Jose Luis Andrade, President of Swets Americas. “We are proud to introduce this new program and look forward to incorporating further exciting additions in the near future.” The Rheumatology program was edited by Dr. Bruce Cronstein. Dr. Cronstein received his medical degree from the University Of Cincinnati College Of Medicine. He completed ... Read More »

Profile Backlinks Submission Service


Get Permanent Forum Links To Improve Web Presence Boost Your Rankings With Our One Way Link Building Services We create a profile for you on thousands of different forums, and add a link to your website on each of the profiles. Profile backlinks are permanent and are never removed. After we add these links you start seeing new backlinks within a few days, and the amount of links will steadily increase for next 1-2 months. We will regroup all Backlinks into Rss Feed and ping them. I will continue to ping them on scheduled until you ha... Read More »

Google enacts ‘right to be forgotten’


"This week we're starting to take action on the removals requests that we've received," a Google spokesman said. Names can be removed if deemed "inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant". ... Read More »

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