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Google: bringing the Rubik’s cube to the next generation of problem solvers


In 1974, the world gave us one such piece of perfect design—the Rubik's Cube. Budapest-based educator and inventor Ernő Rubik created the puzzle originally to help his students better understand spatial geometry. Released to the public in the 1980s, it quickly became an international obsession, bigger than hairspray and breakdancing combined. But the Rubik’s Cube is more than just a toy; it’s a puzzle waiting to be solved and a question waiting to be answered. Over the past 40 years, the cube has puzzled, frustrated, and fascinated so many of u... Read More »

Through the Google lens: search trends may 9-15


When the news is news A newsroom shuffle at the New York Times put the Grey Lady at the top of headlines around the country. Wednesday, it was announced that Jill Abramson, who served as executive editor since 2011 and was the first woman in that position, would be replaced by Dean Baquet (himself a “first”—no African-American has held the job before now). Searchers scrambled to find information on the story behind the story. The Finals countdown Basketball continues to be in the search spotlight as the NBA Finals approach. After a crazy, ... Read More »

SunPower and Google team up to finance residential solar lease projects


The two partners have created at $250 million program to finance the installation of solar panels and lease them back to homeowners for less than their electricity bill. This means that retail customers will enjoy immediate access to solar energy without having to pay up front. Some 20,000 Americans are already leasing SunPower solar panels and tens of thousands more will be able to follow suit thanks to the program. The initiative reflects SunPower’s commitment to go beyond supplying panels, to also install and maintain them and offer financin... Read More »

Google: hop on board-and go almost anywhere-with public transit on google maps


Today, Google Maps is helping you get around on public transit even more easily with these additions: We’ve added every single transit route in Great Britain to Google Maps—making it easier to get anywhere from Land’s End to John O’Groats. On the other side of the globe, Vancouverites looking for sun can now get real-time updates on whether a bus to Kits is faster than one to Third Beach. In Chicago, Cubs fans can now zip to and from Wrigley Field, armed with the real-time information they need to hop on a bus and avoid congestion on La... Read More »

Report: IBM named #1 preferred provider of IAAS cloud by enterprises


Cloud providers were also rated on their quality of service for availability, speed of provisioning, simplicity and overall cost. IBM's IaaS platforms include SoftLayer, an IBM Company, acquired in July 2013 and IBM Cloud Managed Services. According to the study, "IDC: U.S. Buyers Rank IBM, Cisco, HP, AT&T, and Google as Likely Most Effective Top 5 Providers in Delivering IaaS, Doc # 248127 May 2014," buyers selected IBM as their top overall preference among providers they believe can most effectively provide IaaS, whether private or publi... Read More »

Through the Google lens: search trends May 2-8


Mint juleps and margaritas This past week people across the country celebrated several long-held traditions and some newer ones. With the 140th “Run for the Roses” on Saturday, there were more than 2 million searches on the subject of the Kentucky Derby, including research on [kentucky derby time] and [kentucky derby horses]. (We’re partial to derby fashion.) Then, on Sunday, nerds everywhere celebrated what’s come to be known as “Star Wars Day,” thus named because the date lends itself to the pun “May the Fourth be with you.” According to sea... Read More »

Google: previewing a new Classroom

First Apps

Today, in honor of Teacher Appreciation Day, we’re announcing a preview of Classroom, a new, free tool in the Google Apps for Education suite. It helps teachers create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently, and communicate with their classes with ease. Classroom is based on the principle that educational tools should be simple and easy to use, and is designed to give teachers more time to teach and students more time to learn. With Classroom, you'll be able to: Create and collect assignments: Classroom weaves tog... Read More »

Through the Google lens: search trends April 25-May 1


Searching for romance It’s the end of George as we know him. Saturday, word got out that longtime bachelor George Clooney was engaged to his girlfriend, Amal Alamuddin. Alamuddin is a respected human rights lawyer in Britain, but she’s not—or wasn’t—a household name, and many people turned to search to learn more about the woman who captured Clooney’s heart. While they were at it, they looked for information on actress Talia Balsam, who was married to George in the early 90’s (for those of you paying attention, that’s pre-Doug Ross!). In other... Read More »

The latest chapter for the self-driving car: mastering city street driving


We all dream of a world in which city centers are freed of congestion from cars circling for parking (PDF) and have fewer intersections made dangerous by distracted drivers. That’s why over the last year we’ve shifted the focus of the Google self-driving car project onto mastering city street driving. Since our last update, we’ve logged thousands of miles on the streets of our hometown of Mountain View, Calif. A mile of city driving is much more complex than a mile of freeway driving, with hundreds of different objects moving according to di... Read More »

Explore new careers with the first virtual Take Your Classroom to Work Day


Today, we’re giving kids everywhere a chance to “visit” some of the world’s most exciting workplaces. Working with Forbes, Connected Classrooms is hosting 18 virtual field trips to places like the Georgia Aquarium, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Stanford National Lab and the Chicago Bulls locker room, using Google Hangouts. Professionals from all walks of life will discuss their day-to-day roles and how they got there, so students—regardless of budget or geography—can be exposed to a wide range of careers and get excited about their future... Read More »

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