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GfK: Bluetooth drives market for portable consumer electronics


Bluetooth continues to drive the market for portable consumer electronics in Western Europe. Not only docking speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, but also the markets for headphones and mobile stereo headsets are benefitting from this growth factor. The European market for digital radio devices recorded double-digit growth. These are GfK's findings on the market for portable consumer electronic goods and navigation devices, published to coincide with the IFA 2015 trade fair in Berlin. Consumers worldwide continue to demand the ability to w... Read More »

GfK: Almost three in ten lack confidence in affording quality life when retired


28 percent internationally are not confident in having enough money to live the “life they want” when they retire Less than half - 42 percent - are confident These are findings from a GfK survey, conducted online this summer, that asked over 23,000 people in 19 countries how strongly they agree or disagree with the statement “I am confident that I will have enough money to live the life I want when I retire.” The results show that men and women hold very similar levels of confidence. But when one looks at the separate age groups, it’s a... Read More »

GfK: German consumer optimism declines


Apparently, the damper in consumer sentiment in August this year was not a fluke. The three indicators – willingness to buy, income expectations and economic expectations – also suffered losses this month. Economic expectations have declined the most. In light of the global economic risks, numerous flash points, and the recent sharp increase and largely uncontrolled influx of refugees, citizens apparently have increasing doubts regarding further economic development. Economic concerns are increasing The economic expectations of Germans co... Read More »

GfK: Looks count when buying tech products


In anticipation of a number of new technology gadgets being launched this summer, GfK has released international findings on how important the look and style of a technology product is to consumers, in deciding which one to buy. Across all 22 countries surveyed, one in three consumers (33 percent) firmly agree that look and style is very important, compared to less than one in ten (nine percent) who firmly disagree – and this balance is exactly the same for both men and women. The looks and style of technology products are most important ... Read More »

GFK: USA: Four in ten TV viewers are “Digital enthusiasts” – subscribe to 3+ online video services plus cable TV


TV Share of Clock – the first of four studies in GfK MRI’s new The Future of TV series – shows that more than a quarter (28%) of all TV viewing is now done via digital streaming. Accessing subscription or free online platforms via a computer or mobile device accounts for 16% of time spent with TV content; online streaming through a traditional TV set makes up another 9%; and 3% comes from other methods for accessing content, such as portable game consoles. The new report also reveals that 41% of TV viewers are “Digital Enthusiasts,” who subs... Read More »

Four in five in Japan complete their international travel booking at least two months in advance: GFK


When it comes to traveling for leisure, Japanese travelers are appearing more eager than some others to plan and finalize their holiday plans. Even in this current digital age where online bookings can be made within minutes at just the click of a button, 79% of Japanese travelers surveyed said they have already booked their international travel at least two months in advance, and as many as over half (57%) even said they have completed their reservations more than three months ahead of their actual travel date. GfK recently conducted the Co... Read More »

GFK: 1 in 10 completely satisfied with their looks


Over half of people internationally are fairly satisfied or completely satisfied with their personal looks Teenagers only slightly more likely to be dissatisfied than older age groups Japanese are the most self-critical, with over 1 in 10 “not at all satisfied’ Across all 22 countries surveyed, over half (55 percent) of consumers aged 15 and over say they are satisfied with their looks, which includes over one in ten (12 percent) who go as far as saying that they are completely satisfied. In contrast, only 16 percent claim any dissatisfa... Read More »

GfK: Income expectations in Germany at highest level since reunification


Low inflation rates and the prospect of considerable increases in income have caused income expectations to further improve. Willingness to buy has not benefited from this trend in this month and fell slightly. Nonetheless, the indicator remains at a very high level. Following four consecutive increases, economic expectations fell slightly. Evidently consumers are now starting to be affected by the constant back and forth on Greece's future in Europe. Economic expectations: taking a breather Following four consecutive increases, the upwar... Read More »

GfK: Three quarters of consumers say brands have to be environmentally responsible


Close to two thirds feel guilty when they do something that is not environmentally friendly. The same number claims to only buy products and services that appeal to their beliefs, values or ideals. With the 45th World Earth Day happening this week, GfK has published survey findings showing how important environmental values are to people internationally. This is in sharp contrast to the few who disagree with these statements. Only six percent feel that brands do not have to be environmentally responsible, 14 percent do not feel guilty wh... Read More »

GfK: Consumer climate significantly improves across Europe


Europe is steadily recovering from the financial and economic crisis, and the economy visibly grew during the fourth quarter of the last year in virtually every European country. Almost all countries recorded an increase in economic growth for 2014 as a whole. And the projections are good for this year, with economic experts revising their predictions upwards for 2015 in many countries. Currently, 1.8 percent is forecast in Germany, 2.8 percent in Spain, 1.3 percent for the eurozone, and 1.7 percent for the European Union (EU). The situation in... Read More »

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