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Volkswagen to continue support for Formula Student Germany in next racing season

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In future, the company will focus more strongly on the “Driverless” category than has previously been the case in order to bring the innovation areas of electric drive systems and autonomous driving even closer together. At the Hockenheimring, the company also recruits new career entrants. Trainees and interns who were active in Formula Student have repeatedly joined Volkswagen. “The atmosphere at the Hockenheimring was fantastic,” said Prof. Dr. Stefan Gies, Head of the Mid- and Fullsize Series Group at Volkswagen and FSG Patron. “Each of t... Read More »

Continental boosts winners onto the podium at the Formula Student Germany


"Top technology, innovations, and efficiency – this is what our customers in the automotive industry appreciate about Continental. And that is exactly what the Formula Student teams we sponsor have at their disposal. The combination of Continental technology and expertise and the commitment of the team members has us, year after year, marveling at new and impressive achievements on global racetracks. Those with a penchant for highly innovative work of this nature will also find their groove at our company once they start their careers," noted E... Read More »

Bosch sponsoring 36 European student teams to take part in Formula Student Germany


230 students invited to Boxberg to optimize race cars built to their own designs Two-day workshop for teams sponsored by Bosch Over 230 participants and 25 race cars lined up for testing Bosch Group supporting 36 teams across Europe “The workshop allowed us to prepare our cars for FSG and to exchange ideas with the engineers and experts at Bosch. We rarely get such ideal test conditions and such a big track to work with,” says Dominic Mildenberger, president of RWTH Aachen University’s Ecurie Aix racing team. “Here in Boxberg we run ... Read More »

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