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Tesco helps to tackle food waste with new avocado approach

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The new design, which will significantly improve quality for customers, has been developed after several years of trials.  It works by using a unique combination of UV light treatment and improved packaging film to extend freshness for customers – without any compromise on quality or flavour. There has been no change to the volume of packaging used with the product. In recent years avocados have grown in popularity, with demand at Tesco up by more than 10 per cent in the last year as it’s become a breakfast staple and healthy eating sensation. ... Read More »

France named Europe’s top country for food sustainability thanks to war on waste


A war on waste food in France, where supermarkets are banned from throwing away unsold food and restaurants must provide doggy bags when asked, has helped it secure the top spot in a ranking of countries by their food sustainability. Japan, Germany, Spain and Sweden rounded out the top five in an index published the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), which graded 34 nations based on food waste, environment-friendly agriculture and quality nutrition. It is “unethical and immoral” to waste resources when hundreds of millions go hungry acros... Read More »

Tesco cuts food waste by selling greener satsumas and clementines

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The move has been prompted by recent higher early season temperatures in Spain where these easy peelers are grown which have slowed down the natural process by which the skin of the fruit turns orange. Despite the skin being slightly green the fruit is still as perfectly sweet and as juicy as you’d find as when they turn orange. Growers, in order to accelerate the colouring process, have been putting the easy peelers into a ripening room but this extra handling has led to a small amount of fruit being damaged and therefore going to waste.... Read More »

Carrefour: Tackling food waste – in Brazil as well!


Carrefour is the leading private donor to Food Banks in France and has set up some 800 partnerships with local charities and associations which come and pick up foodstuffs from its supermarkets and hypermarkets every day. The Group is supporting this initiative in 9 other countries, including Brazil, where the "Parceria que alimenta" scheme was set up in 2009. Via this scheme, nearly 143 Carrefour stores which have partnered the 34 Food Bank branches in Brazil donate products which are nearing their expiry dates. These are removed from the s... Read More »

Unilever and the European Federation of Food Banks partner to address food waste and hunger in Europe


More than 120 million people – nearly a quarter of the population of the European Union - is at risk of poverty or social exclusion while 17% live under the poverty threshold (1). At the same time, over 100 million tonnes of food in Europe is wasted annually. Now, as the 30th anniversary of the first food bank in Europe is marked, Unilever is strengthening its support to the FEBA network with a supply chain support programme across Europe and a three-year partnership, providing: Enhanced product donations from local countries across Euro... Read More »

An app that helps you buy good food at the best price


With the @FoodLoopApp, you search for a product of your choice to find the latest offers. The app includes a notification service for your phone: you can create your personal shopping list, containing those favourite products you regularly buy such as yogurts or bananas, and specify whether you want to be kept informed about special offers near you. If the price of your product is reduced, you receive an immediate notification. Depending on the product and number of days remaining, different discounts are applied. “ The system is just as eas... Read More »

13-year-old girl from Thailand wins the International Children’s Painting Competition on the Environment, organized by UNEP and Bayer


Strands of life emanate from the globe like streams, each ending in a different form of life. With this imaginative painting, 13-year-old Chiratchaya Kaeokamkong from Thailand won the 22nd International Children’s Painting Competition on the Environment organized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Bayer on the subject of “Water: The Source of Life. Where Does It Come From?” Together with the runner-up, 14-year-old Wesley Gong from the United States, and the six regional winners, Chiratchaya will receive her prize in New Y... Read More »

PENNY wants to increase appreciation for food products


PENNY together with the German Federal Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV) and the German Rural Women’s Association ‘Rural Women’ (Deutscher LandFrauenverband e.V. - dlv) launch a joint campaign for higher appreciation of food. Between May 27 and June 8, ‘Rural Women’ will inform customers during five days in two PENNY markets each in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Offenbach and Munich on issues such as food waste, the correct storage of food in the fridge, the handling of food which has exceeded its ‘best before’-date and... Read More »

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