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Forget Bitcoin – now Dogecoin goes wild

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But even in the turbulent world of cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin is seen as a pretty wild creature. It was launched in 2013, inspired by a short-lived online craze for pictures of a particular Japanese dog breed. Last weekend, however, it nearly doubled in value and is now worth more than $2bn (£1.5bn). Dogecoin had been gaining steadily all through December, but the latest spike has prompted howls of "crypto-hype" from sceptics. Granted, it's still well behind the biggest beast in the digital currency pack, Bitcoin, which has a total value of mor... Read More »

Lloyds Banking: Money Talk: Report reveals finances are far from a family affair as adults overlook children’s interest in money matters


Almost a third (31%) of adults believe it is inappropriate to include children in general discussions about money Over one in four (28%) children say they think about money a lot 75% of children interviewed by charity Home-Start say they should be involved in decisions about what their family spends money on ADULTS’ attitudes to talking about money could be creating unhelpful barriers of communication within families, according to a report published today by family support charity Home-Start. Rob Parkinson, Home-Start chief executive, ... Read More »

Halifax: Mid-life crisis – people in their 40s missing out on the economic recovery


While the financial situation of people in Great Britain has improved overall, more than a third (34%) of those in their 40s say they now feel worse off than they did in 2013, and more than half (53%) of this age group admit to having run out of money before payday in the last year. This compares to a national average of 31% and 43% respectively. Financially stretched 40s The research analyses spending patterns and attitudes towards money among different generations. It reveals that people in their 40s are the least likely age group to sa... Read More »

Aviva: Unhappiness, stress and poor health hit sandwich generation hardest


45-54 year olds have highest levels of stress triggered by money and work worries Unhappiness peaks in middle years with 45% of 45-54 year olds unhappy with life 55-64 year olds have lowest rates of good health The findings add weight to calls for more carer-friendly policies to relieve pressure on the ‘sandwich generation’, whose health, mental wellbeing and finances are struggling under the strain of dual care responsibilities in the family. As the population ages, with estimates that 23% of the population will be aged 65 or over by... Read More »

Forest protection projects compensate for Allianz CO2 emissions


Martin Ewald, you are responsible for the investments in forest protection projects. It took many years to realize your investment in Rimba Raya. Now, this area of Borneo is the largest certified forest protection project worldwide. Is such an outlay worthwhile? It was touch-and-go with the Rimba Raya project in Borneo on many occasions. Shortly after our first visit in 2010, the government decided to reduce the size of the area which had just been approved. We were competing with influential palm-oil interests. There are many reasons why we... Read More »

Lloyds Bank: Parents consider removing children from private schools after sharp increase in fees


Some 37 per cent of surveyed parents with children at fee-paying schools consider taking kids out of private education over rising fees. 57 per cent concerned they may not be able to afford fees in future. Furthermore, 57 per cent are concerned they may not be able to afford their fees in the future, while 38 per cent have struggled to meet payment deadlines. Despite their concerns over high costs, the vast majority of parents said their decision on which school to send their children to was not motivated by cost. Classroom size, school fa... Read More »

Halifax: Summer holiday costs and fines


New rules over fines for taking children away during term time have combined with higher prices during school holidays to squeeze parents’ finances. Parents are pushing back against inflated prices levied during school holidays, with more than two-fifths (41%) prepared to ignore the new rules on fines for taking children on term-time summer holidays, according to research from Halifax. Pester power Last September new rules were introduced making it harder for parents to get permission to take their children out of school in term time. A m... Read More »

Students struggling to make ends meet rises as cost of university increases


18% of full time students surveyed do not have enough money to get through the month and a further 48% are only just managing their finances Over half of students believe they will leave university with debt of over £10,000. Over half of students have taken on paid work, however, 29% of those who worked during term time say it is having a negative impact on their studies 44% of students are concerned about the debt they are taking on Students estimate their debt to be £16,909 when leaving university Nearing one in five (18%) students... Read More »

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