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A Day in the Life of a Gap Factory General Manager, Who Started His Career as an Associate

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Early morning prep (pre-customer) includes everything from stacking and racking product, styling mannequins, and team huddles to get on the same page about the day’s goals, and talk about new store enhancements like the recently launched BRIGHT RewardsProgram. This particular Gap Factory store though has an especially upbeat vibe, which likely has a lot to do with its fearless leader, General Manager, Juan Lara Diaz, a Bay Area native and lover of all things Gap. We joined Juan one morning to get elbows deep in denim with him and chat about ... Read More »

Audi Group invests in the future


In the coming financial year, the company plans to continue with its high levels of investment. Along with further process and cost optimization, the planned capital expenditure is to amount to more than € 3 billion, and will support the Ingolstadt-based company along its successful path. Half of the planned investment will take place at the German sites in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm. Furthermore, Audi will recruit additional experts in the field of future technologies once again in 2016. The company intends to push forward with its growth st... Read More »

Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas Announces to Begin Construction of its New Automotive Equipment System Plant in Mexico State


Mexico continues to develop as a base for automotive manufacturing throughout the Americas, including Latin America. The numbers of foreign car maker factories are increasing. As a result, there are greater demands of localization to respond quickly to the community needs and to secure production capacity in Mexico for automotive equipment system manufacturers. Furthermore, due to NAFTA (Mexico, United States and Canada's North American Free Trade Agreement) and the Economic Complementation Agreement (ACE) No 55 regarding the automotive sector ... Read More »

Benetton Group’s commitment to Bangladesh


Benetton Group chose to support the Accord in order to place itself at the forefront of efforts to realize significant, long-term improvements in the work and safety conditions of everybody employed in the textiles sector in Bangladesh, regardless of whether they work for the Group's suppliers or not. It was the fifth company worldwide to make the formal commitment to sign the Accord. In the meantime, while the Accord has been implementing a well-structured plan of inspections for over 1,500 factories and sites, Benetton Group has also organ... Read More »

About the factory collapse in Cambodia


Our investigation has revealed that H&M garments have been produced in the mentioned unit. This has been done without our knowledge by a supplier which is approved by H&M. This is not acceptable, since we have a clear policy that all production has to take place in units approved by H&M. H&M has met with the supplier and we have met with the factory Top World Garment. We have demanded our supplier to fulfill their responsibility, and the supplier has agreed to take full responsibility for the affected textile workers’ situati... Read More »

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