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Greenpeace reaction to UK decision to leave EU


"Over the coming months we all need to demand that the government replaces European regulations protecting nature with new UK laws that are just as strong. "There is a very real fear that Cameron's successor will come from the school that supports a bonfire of anti-pollution protections. The climate change-denying wing of the Conservative Party will be strengthened by this vote for Brexit. That means the green movement, indeed every Briton who values a clean and safe environment, may need to stand up for nature in the face of an attack on th... Read More »

Amnesty International: EU ‘burying heads in the sand’ as hundreds more migrants die at sea off Italy


“This new tragedy realizes our worst fears about the end of Italy’s Mare Nostrum search and rescue operation and exposes the predictable consequences of the European Union’s failure to provide an adequate replacement,” said John Dalhuisen, Europe and Central Asia Programme Director at Amnesty International. “The humanitarian crisis that sparked the need for Mare Nostrum has not gone away. With people continuing to flee war and persecution, EU member states must stop burying their heads in the sand whilst hundreds keep dying at sea.” Accor... Read More »

Amnesty International: More deaths in the Mediterranean Sea highlight need for EU-wide search and rescue plan


“These latest deaths show yet again how vital it is that the EU maintains adequate search and rescue capacity along the routes taken by those fleeing conflict and persecution. The down-sizing of Italy’s search and rescue operation without an effective EU-wide replacement is putting the lives of hundreds of thousands at risk,” said John Dalhuisen, Director for Europe and Central Asia at Amnesty International. According to the Italian Navy, the 16 perished due to hypothermia and dehydration. A further 76 refugees and migrants were rescued, of ... Read More »

Partnership: As Europe goes grey, UK revealed to have one of the least generous state pensions


This accessible factpack of statistics reveals the areas in which the UK enjoys relative success, and the points where it falls short. It shows that while the UK has the lowest proportion of over 65s living in cold housing during winter, UK pensioners are at greater risk of poverty in retirement than their counterparts in Germany, France, Spain, and Romania. If you use gross replacement rate (i.e. how much of the typical income the state pension replaces) as a measure, you will find that while those in Greece receive almost 100% of their pre... Read More »

Philip Morris International granted right to challenge EU’s tobacco products directive before the Court of Justice of the European Union


Commenting on the decision, Marc Firestone, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Philip Morris International, said: “This marks an important first step for our challenge of the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive. We believe the Directive disrupts the balance that the EU treaties establish between the Union and the Member States, and we are looking forward to a thorough, objective review by the EU’s highest court. “There is no disagreement that tobacco products should be strictly regulated, but measures must honor the EU treaties. The... Read More »

EU promotes consumption of meat and milk


In three years time, EU citizens should be consuming more European milk, but also more sheep meat, fruit, vegetables, juices, and organic food. Almost all promotional programmes will last three years. The EU is only funding part of the projects and the money goes to generic products. The programmes however do not target the whole of the EU. Nine of the approved projects only target the country where the request for funding comes from. The EU is spending €3.2 million on a project which will promote milk in Denmark, France, Ireland and the ... Read More »

VTB challenges sanctions in Court of Justice of the European Union


VTB will not comment further on the lawsuit nor on the progress of the court hearings until the Court delivers its ruling. ... Read More »

The Juncker Commission: A strong and experienced team standing for change


The President-elect personally interviewed all Commissioners-designate and is convinced that his strong and experienced team can deliver, by working collectively, in a more efficient way. President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker said: "In these unprecedented times, Europe's citizens expect us to deliver. After years of economic hardship and often painful reforms, Europeans expect a performing economy, sustainable jobs, more social protection, safer borders, energy security and digital opportunities. Today I am presenting the team that will put Eu... Read More »

Bertelsmann Stiftung: What strategic options are there for Europe? Discussion with EU Council President Van Rompuy


How can the European Union best respond to future challenges? What sort of institutional developments are possible and meaningful? What kind of support do they get from EU citizens? EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy discussed this and other questions at the invitation of the "New Pact for Europe" initiative at a conference in Brussels on 1st July 2014. Around 300 representatives from European institutions, Member States and interest groups had accepted an invitation to the conference which was hosted by the Bertelsmann Stiftung, the Kin... Read More »

EHIC: a Health Insurance Card and an App to travel safely in Europe


The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) allows EU citizens to health care in hospitals or approved clinics not only in the 28 EU member states but also in Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. When you need medical assistance, you just have to show your EHIC and there is no need to produce further documents. Depending on the country you are staying in, you may be asked to pay for the medical service provided at the same cost as people insured in that country (non-reimbursable). EHIC is personal and it is provided to all EU citi... Read More »

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