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The EU in exile – a cautionary tale


The location of the museum, which is housed in an run-down former boarding school in an otherwise anonymous street just a couple of blocks away from the EU institutions, is appropriate. If you didn't know it was there you would never find it. From the windows behind the bar, visitors can see the palace of concrete and glass otherwise known as the European Parliament. Bellinck, a Belgian who sees Brussels as a uniting force in his own country, says that his museum looks at the disconnect between citizens and the EU institutions. The museum, w... Read More »

Philip Morris International addresses misguided attacks on role in tobacco products directive debate


Speaking on behalf of the company, which employs 12,500 people in the EU, generates approximately EUR 14.6 billion in tax revenue and has invested hundreds of millions in reduced risk product innovation EU Region President Drago Azinovic said: “Unfortunately, rather than a serious evaluation of the content and likely impact of the EU’s proposed Tobacco Products Directive, the discussion tends to focus on our efforts to make known our views about this proposal. “The argument that we should remain silent in the face of a proposal that direc... Read More »

EU plans to end mobile phone roaming charges


Despite 26 years of progress, the EU’s telecoms sector remains fragmented, operating mainly on the basis of national markets. As a result European companies have fallen behind their US and Asian competitors. The ‘Connected Continent’ packagePDF aims to rejuvenate the EU’s flagging telecoms sector by abolishing roaming charges and simplifying rules to promote investment in new high-speed networks to boost growth and create jobs. The economic sector increasingly depends on faster connections, and it is estimated that completing the telecoms... Read More »

Heads of nine leading European energy companies propose concrete measures to rebuild Europe’s energy policy


The hearing was aimed at highlighting the risks of the EU’s present energy policy. Indeed, the efforts made by energy companies to attract the necessary private sector investors have been hampered by the uncertainty of the return on investments, in part due to the lack of a clear, foreseeable and objective energy policy framework based on stable and predictable regulation. As a result, European industry can neither fulfill its potential as a source of growth and employment nor play a key role in establishing a dialogue with producing countri... Read More »

Another landmark of the procedural rights agenda has been met: European Parliament adopts Commission proposal on access to a lawyer


The new law will mean that anyone who is a suspect - no matter where they are in the European Union - will be guaranteed the right to see a lawyer from the earliest stages of proceedings until their conclusion. The new rules will also ensure that anyone arrested has the opportunity to communicate with their family. If they are in another EU country, citizens would have the right to be in contact with their country’s consulate. "EU citizens have the right to a fair trial, whatever their nationality and wherever they are in the Union,” said Vi... Read More »

Timmermans discusses human rights with EU special representative Lambrinidis


Mr Timmermans expressed his concerns about these developments and emphasised that strong action was needed by the EU as a whole. Mr Lambrinidis stressed that the Netherlands’ active human rights policy was a great source of support for him in his work. Mr Timmermans and Mr Lambrinidis said that involving civil society could help strengthen the dialogue with other countries on human rights. The EU should enlist influential countries outside Europe to assist in the fight for human rights. Stavros Lambrinidis, who was appointed EU Special Re... Read More »

Written Declaration against the abuse and torture of greyhounds creates a new unity in Europe


A Written Declaration on putting an immediate stop to the torture and mistreatment of greyhounds was launched in the European Parliament on 15 April by the French Member of Parliament Mrs Striffler and 11 other co-signatories. Animal welfare issues are notoriously difficult to get on the European political agenda but this controversial and painful situation has gained more European attention than expected. Thousands of greyhounds around Europe and most notably the Spanish greyhounds suffer and die in Europe every year. Used for hunting or co... Read More »

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