Monday, September 21, 2020
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Allianz: Trust is crucial


How have the concerns of investors and analysts changed since the outbreak of the financial crisis? At the beginning of the euro crisis the big focus was on Allianz's exposure to government bonds from peripheral countries – mainly meaning southern European countries. Eventually the question came up as to whether we could withstand a complete collapse of the euro. Since then, this discussion among investors has morphed into the uncertainty related to the effects of historically low interest rates which are of course a consequence of the euro ... Read More »

Opinion: Looking on the bright side of the euro crisis


A certain European public sphere already exists. It exists in the networks of culture, art, sports, movies, pop music, fashion and, of course, the economy - often already as part of a global public sphere. Just think of the Champions League, the Eurovision Song Contest, the Venice Biennale, the Berlin International Film Festival, the Milan fashion show, all the everyday economic and trade relations, European company mergers, European civil society networks and millions of people travelling to and living in other European countries. But beyon... Read More »

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