Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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New rules on Travel packages adopted to protect the rights of travellers when booking online


The new directive will update current EU rules on package holidays by aiming to adapt to travel market developments in order to meet the needs of consumers and businesses in the digital era. It will extend the protection for traditional packages to combinations of separate travel services, in particular if sold online. Latvian Minister for Economics, Dana Reizniece-Ozola, made the following comments: "This piece of legislation will provide travellers and industry with the long-awaited framework which is fit for purpose and future-proof for t... Read More »

EU improves travel websites for consumers


One in 3 internet users in the EU now book travel and accommodation online, with the number expected to grow in the future. To ensure travel websites are treating consumers as they should the Commission, together with national authorities, carries out regular checks on such websites across Europe. In 2013 authorities found that 382 of 552 travel websites were in breach of EU law. 173 websites have since been updated and corrected, whilst 209 are subject to ongoing proceedings and 6 have closed down. Problems identified The main problem... Read More »

Stress-free holidays for 120 million consumers – European Parliament backs new rules on package travel


The reform will bolster protection for consumers by increasing transparency about the kind of travel product they are buying and by strengthening their rights in case something goes wrong. Businesses will also benefit as the new Directive will scrap outdated information requirements such as the need to reprint brochures and will make sure that national insolvency protection schemes are recognised across borders. The main changes supported by the European Parliament's report are: Member States will be able to make package travel retailers... Read More »

Judicial documents circulate faster across borders, a new Commission report reveals


According to the report released today, European rules have helped speed up the service of documents between EU countries, despite an ever increasing caseload. Delivery times for judicial documents have fallen in Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Greece and Portugal. This reporting follows the general abolition of the "exequatur" procedure in the EU (IP/10/1075), which means that today judicial decisions in civil and commercial matters can be enforced across EU countries, without the need for bureaucratic procedures through foreign courts. ... Read More »

New mortgage rules to be properly enforced EU-wide


MEPs endorsed the deal struck with EU member states because they are satisfied that the European Banking Authority will be able to investigate an alleged breach of the rules, or failure to implement them, and ask the competent authorities in the member states for any information enabling it to do so. The legislation will cover mortgages on residential property, residential property including an office space and building land. The measures were approved by 596 votes to 31, with 65 abstentions. ... Read More »

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