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Nokia’s Advanced Command Center strengthens situational awareness to enable better decision-making by emergency services

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The Advanced Command Center is designed to meet the needs of public safety agencies faced with growing responsibilities and a transition from voice-based to broadband data-centric emergency response. Rich media emergency call-taking uses video capabilities to help public safety agencies gain a visual understanding of critical situations when an emergency 911/112 call is received. As part of Nokia's ViTrust portfolio, the Advanced Command Center combines next-generation emergency services (NEXES), advanced rich media emergency call-taking and di... Read More »

New BT, EE and HTC system gives pinpoint locations of 999 mobile calls to save lives


About 60 per cent of 999 and 112 calls in the UK are now made from a mobile - 22 million calls a year or 60,000 a day - all of which are handled by BT call centres. Currently, emergency services are only able to identify approximate locations of callers to within a few square kilometres. As a result: 999 calls from a mobile take 30 seconds longer to handle on average than calls from landlines; it can take three minutes of extra questioning of often stressed or injured victims to determine the location. In an estimated 36,000 critical inci... Read More »

BT’s Telehealth and Telecare services available through new framework


ESPO, on behalf of Pro5, a collaboration between four buying organisations, has developed a framework with three lots; telehealth and telecare equipment; managed services and consultancy services. The framework enables anyone in the public sector to buy telehealth and telecare solutions using an easy, cost effective purchasing route. BT is the sole provider of an online catalogue of telecare and telehealth equipment, allowing service commissioners, and also individuals wishing to spend their allocated personal budgets, to simply place an ord... Read More »

Handicap International: Philippines – “The point of no return is now”


"Most of the medical structures along the trajectory of the typhoon have been heavily damaged. Most of the injured were rapidly identified and had to be evacuated to hospitals in Cebu and Manila. Others, however, remain in the area either in the few remaining structures open or in their current place of residence, often because they are in isolated areas and have been unable to notify the emergency services." "One month after the disaster we are starting to see an increasing number of injured people arriving who have not received any kind of... Read More »

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