Friday, January 17, 2020
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H&M Group praised by Greenpeace for leading the way on responsible water and chemicals management

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At H&M group we have been working on a responsible water and chemicals management in our supply chain for many years, having one of the strictest standards in the industry. With our commitment to eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals, we took this to yet another level and increased our ambition to lead the way towards a toxic-free fashion industry as a whole together with other brands and partners. Among the big fashion brands/companies, H&M, Inditex, Benetton and Fast Retailing are leading the pack Greenpeace report Destination Ze... Read More »

Tesco cuts food waste by selling greener satsumas and clementines

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The move has been prompted by recent higher early season temperatures in Spain where these easy peelers are grown which have slowed down the natural process by which the skin of the fruit turns orange. Despite the skin being slightly green the fruit is still as perfectly sweet and as juicy as you’d find as when they turn orange. Growers, in order to accelerate the colouring process, have been putting the easy peelers into a ripening room but this extra handling has led to a small amount of fruit being damaged and therefore going to waste.... Read More »

FedEx and the Arbor Day Foundation Announce Disaster Recovery Program


Designed to be the national resource for communities to turn to as they seek to restore their trees in the aftermath of natural disaster, the Community Tree Recovery program provides the structure and capacity to address multiple disasters annually, distributing seedling trees to afflicted communities nationwide. During the last few months, the program has already provided trees for towns in New Jersey still reeling from the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy and neighborhoods in Colorado rebuilding from the devastating 2012 wildfires. Through this ... Read More »

Lufthansa Aviation Center honoured five years ago as a “Green Building”


The Lufthansa staff moved into the LAC, an ultra-modern office building, in July 2006. It requires, thanks to an innovative structure consisting of thermally-active fair-faced concrete ceilings, a sensitive shade automation system and a highly insulated facade, only about one-third of the heating energy of a conventional office building. As a result, the heating energy consumption of the LAC is 56 percent below the specifications of the currently valid Energy Saving Ordinance. With respect to electricity consumption it is 17 percent less. Thank... Read More »

The opening of the Fifth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art


"Roots and Shoots - we are" - a group exhibition of artists from several countries. Presented by an international team of artists have the fundamental concept that generalizes each individual creativity. This is "the relationship between man and his environment, nature." Artists have tried to convey what is happening in the world around us here and now by visualizing in their own individual manner. In his speech, the curator of the "Roots and Shoots - We" Japanese artist Mayuko Ogawa noted that they were unable to overcome the difficulties e... Read More »

SURGUTNEFTEGAS invests in ecology


Since its foundation, Surgutneftegas has paid special attention to the nature protection and anthropogenic impact on the environment. Nowadays, the environmental management system covers the entire production process chain. The company employs more than 220 ecologists, 228 laboratory workers, 97 professionals in the divisions for prevention and elimination of consequences of emergency situations. Over 200 company employees get further education and training in the field of environmental protection and environmental safety every year. Surgutn... Read More »

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