Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Question time: putting an end to discrimination in the workplace


Follow the meeting live on our website. Job seekers cannot be turned down for a position because of their age, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief under the EU's racial equality directive and the employment equality directive, which member states were first asked to implement in 2003. However, the new Commission report shows there are still many probems. The EP's employment committee will ask Commission representatives the following on 25 November: How will a better implementation and application of the employment equality di... Read More »

Stichting Amnesty: G20 leaders must announce and deliver on concrete actions to stop Ebola


Amnesty International, Oxfam International, Plan International, Save the Children and WaterAid are collectively present in all the three affected countries with a clear analysis of the tremendous needs still to be addressed. These five international non-governmental organisations have launched a petition to the world’s 20 largest economies, to take concrete actions to win the fight against the Ebola disease. Within a couple of weeks, 165,490 people around the world signed the petition to express solidarity with communities affected by the... Read More »

Amnesty International: Rights trampled for Indigenous Peoples across the Americas


“Indigenous Peoples in the Americas continue to face a litany of abuse. Entire communities are being denied access to their ancestral lands, while others face violent repression and abuse for peacefully protesting to demand their human rights,” said Erika Guevara Rosas, Americas Director at Amnesty International. The report notes that, compared with other citizens, Indigenous men and women are more likely to be underpaid, have lower levels of education, die in child-birth and have a lower life expectancy. “It is time for countries across the... Read More »

Gay MEP victim of acid attack


Austrian Green MEP Ulrike Lunacek, along with a journalist who was interviewing her, were doused on Saturday with what is said to be butyric acid, a toxic but non-lethal substance. “Nobody got hurt, it was just a horrible stench that got in our clothes and hair and skin but it was definitely against me and the journalist interviewing me,” Lunacek, who also co-chairs the Green party, told this website on Tuesday (17 June). The openly gay MEP says the attack has doubled her efforts against homophobia and discrimination. “My commitment to... Read More »

Europe faces worst human rights ‘crisis’ in decades


Coupled with unemployment and poverty in many of the 47 countries under its mandate, the violations help feed extremism and fuel conflict, it notes. “The challenges to security in Europe are more often caused by conflicts within territories, within states than classical conflicts between states,” Daniel Holtgen, CoE spokesperson told this website. CoE secretary general Thorbjorn Jagland - in a statement entitled "Europe in biggest human rights crisis since Cold War” - said the lack of democratic checks and balances, free media and an inde... Read More »

The EU-Ukraine tango on gay rights


Without exaggeration, this step is one of the most important events for Ukraine after obtaining independence. In fact, this agreement will determine the country's choice of identity: West or East, Europe or Asia. Although the Ukrainian side has fulfilled most of the "homework," a number of unresolved issues still remain. One of them is the protection of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans) community against discrimination. Although the government submitted a bill in April which would amend the labour code and prohibit discrimination b... Read More »

Anti-Muslim violence: A wakeup call for European governments


Several violent attacks against Muslim women preceded the riots in France. One of the most severe incidents occurred on 13 June, when two men physically abused a 21 year-old pregnant woman. Muslim women are increasingly the victims of violence. In France in 2012, 85 percent of anti-Muslim reported incidents targeted women, and other countries demonstrate similar figures. The UK experienced a significant increase in anti-Muslim violence after the Woolwich killing, and the NGO Tell Mama recorded 12 incidents per week on average between Marc... Read More »

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